Introduction: Hand Bow

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This is a very simple bow. It is very durable and does not take up a lot of pieces. It is easy to make and easy to fire. Shot with a 45 degree angle at full power, it can shoot about 55 feet. Shot at full power at no angle straight forward, it can shoot about 42 feet.

Step 1: Pieces

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These are the pieces needed to build this.

grey: 4
red: 1
yellow: 9
blue: 18
white: 4

white: 4
yellow: 4
purple: 4
red: 9

And 1 thin, medium sized rubber band

Step 2: Make the Frames

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There are 2 frames. They are both the same. Pieces needed fro both: yellow rods: 8, blue rods: 12, white rods: 4, white connectors: 4, yellow connectors: 4, Purple connectors: 2, and red connecrors: 8.

Step 3: Make the Crossbar

Picture of Make the Crossbar

Pieces needed: Purple connectors: 2, red rods: 1.

Step 4: Attach the Crossbar to the Frames

Picture of Attach the Crossbar to the Frames

Attach the crossbar's purple connectors to the frames' purple connectors.

Step 5: Attach Grey Rods

Picture of Attach Grey Rods

Use grey rods ot connect the two frames as shown. Pieces needed: grey rods: 4.

Step 6: Put on the Rubber Band

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The rubber band goes on 2 of the white connectors on the frames. Pieces needed: 1 rubber band.

Step 7: Attach Blue Rods

Picture of Attach Blue Rods

The blut rods attach to white and red connectors on the frames. Pieces needed: blue rods: 2.

Step 8: Make the Arrow

Picture of Make the Arrow

You can make the arrow really any way as long as it can attact to the rubber bands, but this way works the best. Pieces needed: yellow rods: 1, red connectors: 1.

Step 9: How to Hold It

Picture of How to Hold It

Put your non-dominant hand in between the two grey rods on the bottom. Then hold onto the further-out grey rod.

Step 10: Loading

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Place the arrow on the rubber bands like so. Then extend the arm holding the bow as far out as it goes. This sets you up for a better shot.

Step 11: Firing

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Put your dominant hand on the arrow's yellow rod. Pull streight back toward you. The farther you pull, the farther it shoots. To aim what direction to shoot it in, You have to move your whole arm holding the bow in that direction. When the shot is lined up, release the arrow and watch it fly.


joshqua (author)2013-02-01

This i really cool, really strong too. Works great.

nebih (author)2010-09-06

rated 3*

Super Shooter (author)2009-11-11

I like to put a little bit on each step so it is easier to understand.

182515 (author)Super Shooter2009-11-12

You could have made it three steps.
1. The two sides.
2. Putting the two sides together.
3. Firing.

Super Shooter (author)1825152009-11-18

Some people might get lost somwhere or not understand a step if I only use 3 steps.

182515 (author)2009-11-09

I have no idea how you can take anything so simple and stretch it out to 11 steps.

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