Here's a small bowl I made from interlocking layers of birch plywood. I designed it using Poser, Blender and Autodesk 123D Make, then used a laser cutter to precisely cut all 40 of the pieces.

The bowl stands at about a foot in height and, despite being very light, is sturdy and extremely well balanced so it won't topple over when filled.

You can now buy a kit for this bowl on the Instructables Store. We're making these ourselves at the Instructables Lab, so supply will be limited!

Step 1: Modeling the hand

Picture of Modeling the hand
Poser 2.jpg
Poser 3.jpg
The first step was to model and pose a hand to act as the bowl's base. For this, I used a piece of software called Poser by Smith Micro. Poser is a 3D modeling package that specializes in modeling and animating human bodies. It comes with a library of basic figures that can be easily posed using a very intuitive and beginner-friendly interface. I used one of Poser's default hand models.

When posing the hand, I had a few things to bear in mind. Obviously I wanted all of the fingertips to touch the ground at the same level so that the bowl would stand upright. I also had to think carefully about the way I splayed out the fingers. The fingers needed to provide as broad a base as possible while also looking natural and comfortable (Poser does nothing to stop you contorting its models into grotesque and unnatural positions, so this is trickier than you might expect).

A more subtle issue was to do with how I knew the model would eventually be sliced when I exported it into 123D Make. I knew from the outset that I wanted this bowl to made of radial slices converging somewhere around the base of the palm. This meant that I had to position the fingers so that they all roughly pointed straight outward from the same spot (so that each finger would contain a slice of plywood). Any major misalignment would make slicing the model impossible. This is an excellent example of how crucial it can be to visualize the entire design process of a project before you even start modeling.
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gamalaser9 months ago

Good Idea

JustinSw1 year ago

Hi PenfoldPlant,

Awesome design / Project.

I'm with everyone else below, would love to build my own. But the link to the store does not work, i assume that this is no longer available to purchase the kit.

As with others would love to get the final laser cut files, or dxf files for this project.

Have downloaded your eps, and pdf files. but they seem to be an earlier version than you final design.

Would be happy to pay for files, if need be.


xChamp1 year ago

Hi PenfoldPlant,

I'm really impressed by this design, not only the creative idea to mend a bowl to a hand, but also how slim and how natural looking the design is.

I would like to build my own, but it seems that the template for the laser cutter from step 3 isn't the final form. That and I can't get a link to the store where i can purchase a kit to build one ; thus me having 2 questions :

  • Is the kit a pile of already cut-out sheets of wood, or is there a simpler PDF file i can buy to laser cut it myself?
  • WHERE can i purchase such a product?
Thanks a lot !
hello sir I really wanna take this file .

If you can send me this file, Please send me e-mail with this file

I am Korean^^ my e-mail address is ( iyuk0318@naver.com)

Many Thanks
metalsteve2 years ago
Before I start i want to say fantastic job on the bowl. I love it.
I recently cut out and assembled the files both card and wood. The bowl looks more like one of your previous attempts and not the finished product. It just topples under its own weight and is much lower than the image above. Is this right?
hohum2 years ago
Very nice looking art! congratulations on this accomplishment.
Danny14333 years ago
Thats handy
LOL at the caption, imagine what a nightmare this would be to cut by hand.
ccrome3 years ago
Excellent! I just made mine with my home made CNC router. Works pretty well on that with a 1/8" bit. I rearranged to fit my sheet size better, but overall, a very cool build.


GainEnergy3 years ago
Love this brilliant project! Thanks for sharing!
bsolo3 years ago
Hi PenfoldPlant,

Really like this project! WOW!

Do you know what Autodesk plans to do with 123D MAKE after it expires next month???

ewilhelm bsolo3 years ago
Check out the online version of 123D Make:
bsolo ewilhelm3 years ago
Hey, thanks! Tested it. Works pretty smooth.

Still has a ways to go before we can do a project like the Hand Bowl.

Radial slices, please. :)
ewilhelm bsolo3 years ago
We're working hard to get an online version of 123D Make released. Since it's currently Mac-only, I suspect this will make lots of people happy.
Half way there! The online version is UP!!! It still has MANY limitations from relative to the MAC version. Also the import function seems to not function. I couldn't load the stl from the ible. But for the sample stl files it works great.
Stackable layers only for now it seems
No radial slicing
No orthogonal slicing with gaps.
But still a great step in the right direction!!!
I tested the on-line version. Pretty nice. The import DOES work. It says files are limited to less than 5 MB though. Shouldn't be too much of a problem for simple objects.

I'm hoping to see that radial function there very SOON.
bsolo ewilhelm3 years ago

I am Mac-only AND not on-line in my workshop. So, an on-line-only version would create a huge obstacle for me to be a 123DMake user. UGH! Not so happy. To me, that's like having to borrow tools from someone else every time I need to use them. I would like to request that stand-alone copies be made available as well.

I really do like 123DMake and looking forward to the "radial" function.

Is there a place where users/makers can discuss 123DMake? The Autodesk blog does not seem to be very active.

amjad8310013 years ago
Did you recrete this particular project in to a SW assembly or did you create a slicing interface for SW?
i re-created the same project in solid works, just to play around before making it actually.
send me you email address
O.O can I have a copy?
EPS files hate me.
Please ......how?
paintphone3 years ago
Its like Thing from the Adams Family !
jayko6573 years ago
After looking at the EPS files...I noticed that there are multiple pieces just...floating...like a small triangle or 2 that looked like it's supposed to be a part of a different piece.
Also,some parts are disturbingly thin in some places...is this supposed to be right?
amjad8310013 years ago
Author - Can you also upload the EPS or DXF file which has elongated arms, i understand after making the Model that it is the smaller one which you have uploaded.... Thanx
old.bodger3 years ago
Impressive! Do you have the files as DXF's?

amjad8310013 years ago
Can anybody help in giving the assembly instructions, the pieces are marked with numbers though it looks complicated to assemble, please help....Thanx
accuproto3 years ago
I'd like to make one in S/S either polished or Glass Bead Blasted.
accuproto3 years ago
You wouldn't happen to have these files in DXF format would you?
god i want one DA LASER to do leather working with
Keep an eye on our contests - I'm sure we'll be giving a laser cutter away again at some point...
yeah the did a while ago but so many entered that already had one or had access to one and were able to do far more advance things that drew in more attention
Kind of like this bowl as an entry in the shop bot challenge! :P
bajablue d0vr3 years ago
Penfold is an Instructables' resident.  As such, he can enter any Contest, but  he cannot win a prize. This is true for all Instructables employees.

Projects like this raise the proverbial bar... and they deserve a wide audience. 

They are intended to educate, encourage and motivate... not to mention mind-boggle simple folks like me! ;-)

d0vr bajablue3 years ago
Ohhhhh....... I didn't realize he was an employee of Instructables. But yes, this certainly does do all that you mentioned. Well done good Sir!
So this is a $45,000 laser cutter?
paqrat3 years ago
This is beautiful, in a grotesque and fairly disturbing way. I think one in a metal finish would also be impressive.
PenfoldPlant (author)  paqrat3 years ago
A metal one would be great, but our lab laser cutter isn't up to the task of slicing through metal. Maybe one day we'll upgrade to a super powerful laser cutter or a water jet cutter, though...
Perhaps the wooden one could be painted with a conductive paint and electroplated or electroformed.
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