Picture of Hand Carved Birds
bald Eagle-1B.jpg
Hand Carved "Birds In Flight" by Pocono Pat.
I will post an instructable, showing You How to create Your Own Woodcarvings, as soon as I am done with production and editing. meanwhile,Thanks for Your patience, interest and I hope You enjoy the photos of my work.

Again, Thanks for Your interest !
Uglyoodie6 years ago
But these are wonderful! I especially loved the cardinal! You gots talent mister!
flataffect7 years ago
I was listening to NPR the other day when they interviewed an artists who's name I don't recall, but I do recall that he had recently sold a bird carving for $500,000. I was amazed and envious of such talent.
PoconoPat (author)  flataffect7 years ago
I would certainly hope to be so lucky,Thanks for Your comment !
bald Eagle-1B.jpg
Gypsyman7 years ago
my grandfather does this professionally, they look so real you cant even tell it fake.
PoconoPat (author)  Gypsyman7 years ago
Well, Thats great ! I hope that was a compliment lol ~