I made this over a couple days. It's the third bow I've ever made.
Its made of a hickory stave I bought from a flooring manufacturer (who sold it to me for $3.00).
i have heard of oother people carving bows that usally snap after a while. has yours snapped yet or is it still in good condition?
make an ible please ? it looks great :)
is the back of the grip made of a different wood than the rest of the bow ? <br />
&nbsp;Yes, it is.<br /> <br /> A longbow is made of two different&nbsp;pieces&nbsp;of wood glued together.<br /> A selfbow, I&nbsp;believe, is made of only one&nbsp;piece&nbsp;of wood.<br /> <br /> In the picture, the blue part is the handle, and the red part is the limb. When the blue and red part are glued together, you have a longbow. If you just have the red part, you have a selfbow.<br />
cool, thanks for the info.<br />
great job on the bow, you are an excellent woodworker.&nbsp; <br />
Nice bow, but where is the video you mentioned?
&nbsp;It's embedded,&nbsp;directly&nbsp;above the comments. Can you see it? if you cannot, you may need to upgrade your Flash Player.
There is a big, video-sized empty space above the comments. I probably do need to upgrade my Flash Player. Thanks for the quick reply!
&nbsp;Sure :)
&nbsp;Here is the YouTube link<br /> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfPo6VqjgFk&amp;feature=player_embedded" rel="nofollow">www.youtube.com/watch</a><br />
I updated my Flash Player and the video magically appeared! Lol - Thanks for your help.
&nbsp;Great! What do you think of it?
It's awesome. I have been thinking about buying a recurve for hunting, but I might just make my own now.
&nbsp;hi, i was wondering where you got that stave from? there are not enough good bow building instructables, you should really make one.
&nbsp;The stave is from a flooring manufacturer. Hickory is fairly common at lumber yards ect.<br /> <br /> Hickory is crazy springy and forgiving. It looks better than wood of a&nbsp;similar&nbsp;price, and the grain does not have to be super&nbsp;straight. When you select your stave, remember that it CANNOT HAVE ANY KNOTS IN THE GRAIN.<br /> Knots= fail :)<br /> Also, hickory isn't all that hard. It sands away like balsa wood, but it is heavy and sturdy like oak.<br /> The wood structure itself looks like a mix between oak and very pale&nbsp;mahogany.<br /> <br /> <strong>Bottomline</strong>:<em> if you plan to make your first bow, get the&nbsp;straightest&nbsp;grained&nbsp;piece&nbsp;of hickory you can find. 5 ft long, 2 inches wide, 1 inch thick. Google &quot;selfbow&quot;.</em><br /> <br /> Good luck!<br />
What kind of bow string did you use?<br />
&nbsp;A 56 inch cheap bowstring from a local hunting place.<br /> Jute cord works fine...but I learned this AFTER I bought the bowstring :)
What wood did you use? (what tree)<br />
Nice tiller, what's the draw weight at 28&quot;?<br />
&nbsp;I don't have a scale, but it feels around 35 -40 lbs (leaning towards 40lbs). I have trouble drawing anything stiffer than that with my wimpy arms ;).
&nbsp;Took me probably 4 hours to tiller that thing :P

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