Dont you hate when you cook Pizza in your home and you can´t cut the Pizza in equal slices …well that happened to me and I decided to make my personal Pizza accesories .

No odias cuando cocinas Pizza casera y a la hora de cortar, el cuchillo no es la mejor opción y las porciones quedan desiguales...? pues bien eso me pasaba  seguido hasta que resolví fabricar mis accesorios de Pizza personalizados.

Step 1: Stuff. Materiales.

1 Stainless Spoon. 1 Cuchara de acero.
Piece of Wood. Pedazo de madera.
1” Screw. Tornillo de 1”.
Drill. Taladro.
Mask Tape. Cinta de enmascarar.
Math Compasses. compas de dibujo
Hammer. Martillo
Buck Knife.AKA mikaela. Navaja Patecabra.
Cutter. Bisturi.
Sand Paper. Lijas de Diversas texturas.
Beeswax. Cera para muebles
Varnish. Barniz.
<p>This is wonderful! :) great idea. You forgot one thing. The thumb guard. Normally people dont know what that is these days. But its a tiny piece of metal before the blade, so you can exhert force while cutting with the thumb guard to prevent accidents. Helps to hold it better too. Your wood working is phenominal btw. </p>
Wow, nice... I'll probably do this some time...
Hi there Would u pls vote for my entry ...?<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Belt-No-sew/<br>thnks
Thnks 4 the coment...in fact I was afraid about the size of the wheel but to be honest it was fy first try and works so fine. You are Right abut the Oil. Anyway my purpose was to upcycle my Broken Spoons, But the largest wheel... I&acute;m working On It. Soon I&acute;ll submit the Upgrades.
Maybe you can try your hand at making a<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mezzaluna"> mezzaluna</a>, they have one- handled ones that cut pizza slices or wide ones that cut a whole pizza in half.
Now we`re talking ....thnk u so much 4 the coment and the suggestion...I cant Wait to make some Mezzalunas carved in the Machete Way...
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http://tu.tv/videos/cantinflas-baile-bombero-atomico Mexican Dundee
Very nice. I guess you could also put on a salad bowl/butcher block type of oil finish to the wood. All of my pizza cutters are large wheel to keep the cheese from sticking too much but with a small wheel maybe you could cut fancy curved cuts. The small wheel would allow you to put more pressure on the cut so you only need one pass to cut the pizza.
Behlen's makes such a finish for toys, butcher blocks or salad bowls that is non-toxic when dry.

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