Hand Carved Salad Serving Claw





Introduction: Hand Carved Salad Serving Claw

This spoon was a custom designed gift for someone who makes amazing chopped salads.  The claw like front of the serving spoon allows the server to scoop up the smaller salad pieces with more control and accuracy then a conventional spoon.  

The process for creating this spoon can be found by combining the methods described in the following two Instructables:  Spoon Carving for Everyone and Scrap Wood Cutting Board.  The only additional point to consider is that make sure you're prepared to carve all of the woods in your multi-wood lamination.  They'll be all different hardness and grain patterns so it makes carving a bit more challenging.

The spoon pictured below is made from (left to right) Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Cherry.  It has a sizable handle and a broad head to scoop large amounts of the aforementioned delicious salad. 



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Did you clamp these together with glue to hold them together or can you literally find wood like this?

Nice Post and really good work, thanks for the post

I used a drum sander attachment on a pneumatic rotary tool. Just marked the three divots and dug in with the sander...few seconds later a claw appeared.