I started carving these for Christmas gifts.  I carved them with chisel but I suppose that you could use a knife, drawknife  or a spokeshave.  They are more straight forward than carving a spoon so I was able to make several as stocking stuffers.

Things that you'll need:

Wood - probably a hardwood soft enough to carve, avoid woods with strong tastes.
Carving tool - I used a chisel
Sharpening supplies - I used a sand paper system
Hand drill and bits
Sand paper - coarse medium and fine grits (I used 80, 150, 800)
Food safe finish - I used a mineral oil based finish

Step 1: Trace & Cut Spatula Blanks From Plank

Begin by tracing the general outline of a spatula onto a piece of cardboard.  It should be a little larger than your desired product.  Trace this outline onto a piece of wood for each spatula you wish to carve.  Follow the pattern with a saw to cut out the blanks or uncarved pieces of wood.  Next, get ready to carve by sharpening your chisel.  I use this method that I found on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnvwAIVW4uM&feature=related).
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