TVs are great and all, but when they're not in use I prefer that they'd not be seen. They're big visual voids that don't exactly bring the room together. There are two options for this: covering them up or moving them away. Also, I'm using plenty of electricity as it is so I decided to go for a hand crank TV lift.

The operation is simple. Just insert the crank and turn it to get the TV up or down. The whole action takes less than 30 seconds. And it's fun to insert some kind of old-time action of moving things around to a high-tech device.

Step 1: What You Need

  • sheet of 3/4" plywood
  • scrap wood
  • wood screws
  • conduit brackets
  • RV scissor jack
  • 32" HDTV
  • table saw
  • cordless drill
  • socket wrench
Nice gadget. <br>If you're going to motorize it, I'd recommend keeping it simple. <br>Since you've already made the hand crank lift, just use your cordless drill to turn the crank, if you ever get tired of hand cranking it.
Oh, one question. <br>Did you have any trouble with the tv tilting left or right and not staying straight? <br>I guess it might move while cranking it up, but will stay straight when it's not being cranked?
<p>I don't see why it would move or tilt. The TV is anchored to the plywood, and the jack is anchored to the center of the plywood.</p>
<p>This would be a great, affordable way to make an adjustable sit/stand computer desk.</p>
interesting project, and by the commnents below, interesting how so many people seem to prefer a motorized version
http://m.ebay.com/itm/310808105701 all you'd need is a converter to convert the power source! Nice build!
Thanks for the link. <br>Its the same jack that NitroRustlerDriver displayed.
Pick up one of these guys and you won't need to raise it by hand.
That's great! But where do you buy one and how much does it cost compared to this man's idea.
HA! I love the notion of putting forth a bit of labor before you can be lazy. More human power!
Two things. First, put a motor on it. mechanical takes very little power, there's not a lot of point in worrying about it for something used a few times a day like this. Heat or cooling is where it's effective to conserve, or maybe a large continuous motor. This would be maybe a dime or two a month, maybe per year even. <br> <br>Second, the large screw/nut system is used to take the load of a car. Since it's unlikely people doing this will use it as a jack again, you might consider using a dremel to cut this screw out, and putting a 1/4-20 or 8mm threaded rod and coupler nut in its place. Then it would be very easy to use a NEMA 23 or 17 or similar DC motor to run it, and have extra leverage to work with a smaller motor. <br> <br> <br>
I too love this idea but with everyone else's comments I think that there are things missing and could use some more work on it like having hinges that allow the too to swing to the back when opened and then use drawer slide inside to guides to the lifting parts and keep your tv sturdier
Electric motor but good idea
NICE!!! <br>Do you have plans for the box? Maybe trim it up to turn it into a piece of furniture? <br>i really like this. <br> <br>I've had a similar idea for a while but have lacked the motivation to do it. <br>If I ever get around to building it, I'll make an instructable but it won't be anytime soon. :) <br>
Very nice Idea I love it <br>but why not drive the crank by small motor like car window motor?
i think harbor frieght might sell 1 a bit cheeper tho.
very smart idea.

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