I was surprised to see that there wasn't an Instructable showing how to hand dye yarn using colored ice cubes & the sun. It's by far the easiest and most fun way to dye. Who wants to heat up the kitchen in the summer, Using Mother Nature is easier on your cooling bills and since there's no boiling water involved- the kids can help.(YAY!!)

Make sure everyone participating in this activity wears play clothes or an apron & gloves as the coloring in the ice cubes will stain clothes and fingers

Step 1: Items Needed

Items Needed:

- 5 to 6 cups of water( or enough to cover yarn in dish)
- 1/2 Cup White distilled vinegar 
- Icing colors and/or Kool-Aid
- 1 Skein of yarn,I'm using wool *(See note)
- 1 pair latex or rubber gloves
- 13X9 or larger pyrex dish
- Plastic Wrap
- Couple of small glass bowls or containers( to mix and make the dye)
- Ice cube trays
*Acrylic yarn will not dye, Only use natural or light colours of yarn made from 100% animal or plant fiber; such as wool, angora, alpaca, cotton, bamboo, etc. Also,  each have their own unique processes & hold dyes in different ways.
I'd like to recommend to anyone who is dying yarn for the first time: Use 100% wool, preferably wool that's sold with the intent of being hand dyed. Wool is by far the easiest fiber to dye, and it holds color better. Which isn't to say you should never move on to other fibers or start unraveling and re-purposing ugly sweaters, but using wool gives you a pretty good chance of your first try being a success. <br> <br>Also: White wool gives you really bright colors and pastels. If you want a deeper jewel tone, use grey wool.
That is really neat, nicely done!
Wow! i had no idea this was possible and so fun! Great job!

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