Hand Embroidered Crazy Quilt Pillows





Introduction: Hand Embroidered Crazy Quilt Pillows

Using all fabrics upcycled from upholstery sample books, I hand sewed these crazy quilt pillows. Working first on a piece of muslin I drew lines as the pattern and worked the upholstery fabric like paper piecing, leaving the muslin on for strength and stability when finished. I then used over 100 different embroidery stitches, patterns and motifs to embroider over every seam and with in some of the quilt blocks. I used photos of 1800's crazy quilts as inspirations for some of the stitches and motifs and designed the rest myself. I hand sewed the two sides together inside out, turned them, stuffed them with fiber fill and then whip stitched them closed. After I stitched them together I also embroidered over all the side seams to match the seams in the pillows. As I made them for gifts I also added a "P" for their last name. If you look closely there are butterflies, a mushroom, moon, sun, and several other small motifs as well as intricate stitch work.



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    It reminds me of a crazy quilt my family had in the fifties.

    Thank you for sharing your hard work.

    Gorgeous!! Very inspiring. Now I know what I'll be doing the coming week!