Hand Forged Scottish Dirk





Introduction: Hand Forged Scottish Dirk

It occurred to me as I finished this that I had no new content on here for about 4 years (if not more) so I decided to throw up some pictures and an option for instructions.

I've been doing knifemaking for about a year and a half now, using fairly primitive tools but slowly upgrading my shop. I make my knives mostly by hand, with forge work, files, etc. If any of you are interested in a full tutorial on knifemaking with all the tricks I've discovered myself and learned from experienced smiths, drop me a comment and let me know exactly what kind of details you'd like to see.

Some quick details on the knife, it's made from a farrier's rasp and it IS forge hardened and tempered (both aspects have been tested). The handle is made from 2 types of wood, African teak and mahogany. A full tang runs all the way down to the very base of the handle, which is capped in brass. It balances exactly at the join between handle and blade.

Edit: Please be sure to vote for me in the metal contest! I'm quite excited to get back into the whole competitive DIY thing =3



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    Very nice, looks like a sgian dubh rather than a dirk, but looks great!

    It is a Sgian-Dubh, but I don't know how to pronounce that, so I just call it a dirk. xD

    Skeen do, is how we would pronounce it