Introduction: Hand Gesture Game Simulator Using Raspberry Pi

A simple automation project with Raspberry Pi using ADXL345 accelerometer to simulate better gaming experience. Supports All Windows Games, currently functioning over Ethernet & WiFi.

Best experience with Racing games!

Step 1: Hardware Setup:

  • Fix ADXL345 accelerometer in the palm side of Gloves.
  • Connect all wires with Pi GPIO Pins.
  • Place all setup wherever you want.

Step 2: Electronics Setup:

Connect all pins of accelerometer & GPIO properly follow links for tutorial.

Link: Stuff About ADXL345 Accelerometer & Python

Step 3: Software Setup:

  • How to use 3-Axis Accelerometer for Tilt Sensing. Tutorial
  • I used Roll & Pitch axis only for forward, backward, left, right, nitro & handbrake parameters to control the game.
  • Download all source code.
  • Start server from windows system to receive axis tilts in degrees.
  • Run
  • Send UDP packets from Pi to server.
  • Run
  • Enter IP of your connection not IP of Pi.
  • Open cmd & type ipconfig/all to see IP of your connection.
  • Start Pi using putty for faster connection. Tutorial
  • Create hotspot & connect both Pi & Windows system for Wireless Control.

Recommended use Ethernet for faster connection & Enjoy! the game without any lag.



ni6hant (author)2017-08-02

What's the point?

Why not simply use your Android to do the same hassle-free with remote control app, which has accelerometer BTW?
Or get Leap motion for Rs.6500 and don't use any wires or gloves at all?
I mean what's the point of this?

MadLabz (author)ni6hant2017-08-07

ni6hant, then answer whats the point of even lighting an LED if you can buy a flashlight? RIGHT? (all your comments on other post look negatively, but meh, thats not my problem or even right to tell you that)

I think this is a really nice project.Keep up the good work.

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