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Introduction: Hand Grenade Movie Prop

Being in the independent movie field is a pretty tough job. The costs for everything, then time put forth to create a good product. In hobbies such as this, D.I.Y. projects can come very much in handy. Props online can be very expensive, so making them yourself is a life saver. Especially when your wallet is anorexic, or when more is going out than coming in. No Action movie is complete with out a gunfight scene, and all gun fights need some grenades to make it look even more awesome. While being on a small budget, I created the Hand Grenade Prop. Seeing how i forgot to take pictures, I had to borrow them from Indymogul.com. But the same idea is still there. And your wallet won't take so much of a blow. In fact, if you HAVE to buy every material needed to construct this, it would only amount to about $10.

I introduce to you...

Step 1: What You Will Need

Quick List:

Empty Deodorant Can
Key Ring
Map Pin
Old unwanted MousePad
Flat Black Spray paint
Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Can

Make sure your can is empty first. After that is complete, rip the top lid off. This should leave an aluminum can top bare.

Step 3: Spray Paint

Now, You need to spray paint your can. Otherwise, your movie won't look as good when your soldiers are throwing Axe Cans at each other. The preferred color to go with is Flat Black, but if you want something otherwise go ahead, it's your movie.

Customize each grenade!!!
Using your sharpie, you can add a serial number along the top edges to make your grenade look more authentic.

Pull The Pin!!!
Take the key ring and pliers. Using your pliers, bend one of the ring ends out so it will easily fit into the top of your can. Surprisingly, the ring is just the perfect size to fit into the top of the can.

Step 4: (Optional) Making the Grenade Look Futuristic

My purpose for the grenade was a futuristic movie. So, I needed to make my grenade look more like 2142 than 2002.

I took the map pin and cut off the pointy end, making the top of the pin flush. Using the Hot Glue Gun, I glued the pin top to the top of the can.

Feeling that the grenade was still too bare for any futuristic movie, I decided to glue hand grips to the sides. I took the old mouse pad and cut it into small rectangles. I Hot Glued them to the sides of the Can and left it at that.

Now go out there, pretend to blow stuff up and act like an idiot in front of a video camera!!!



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    it is actuall spelled sweetness. Not sweet naess. Naess is not a word doofus.

    Dude! Awesome site! Thanks for the link, I'm so gonna use this site!

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    HE SHALL TASTE OBLIVION!!! Muahahahahaha!

    This has probably already been stated, but for anyone in the US, you can buy a dummy grenade (an actual grenade with the bottom hollowed out and no fuze/firing mechanism) for about $8.

    Just thought some people might like to know that.

    thanks. I need some for my movie I'm making. It will be released soon.

    Absolutely Unbelievable Its Amazing I Have All The Materials Good Job Mate :)

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