okay this is simple yet really fun to do. I'll try my hardest to explain everything i do and include the things used and the .psd i used. if you are not even remotely familiar with Photoshop you're going to have a hard time but if you at least know the basics to photo manipulation then this will be easy. 

also leave a comment down below if you need any help.

THINGS you'll need:

the  .psd is on my deviant art 
and the water splash brushes are here 
and all the other things are down below

Step 1: Rendering

Rendering is the process  in which the subject is removed from its background. the best way to do this is to zoom in and use the pen tool to remove the background as shown in my picture example.  I like to make small selection using the pen tool then going back and erasing the extra background using the lasso tool.
 the reason to render out your subject is to make it easier to work with just the subject and not have to worry about the background messing things up.
start by using the pen tool after you selection is made you will need to right click then there will be a choice "make selection" then where it says feather give it a feather of 1 press okay and then hit the delete button.
thats cool
thanks and its really easy to pull off if you take your time and follow my instructions :D
very cool, so you drew the ripped mask by hand with the brush tool?
yep its a great technique plus if u mess up you can go back and just draw over it with white and it comes back <br>
Yikes! That makes my finger hurt just looking at it! Nice :)
thanks i spent some real time something up with a away to do then share it up here. I wanted to do a middle finger flying like a rocket but it is obscene and i think would be taken down .
Cool effect! You could probably get away with the middle finger rocket, just put as star over it like this <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-text-forms-and-modifications-for-3D-printin/" rel="nofollow">one</a> (though it may not get put on the front page).
Ha! I was going to reference the same one! Yeah, you can do it, but the title and main picture have to be PG and it wouldn't be on the front page.
lol that isnt important to me just being able to share stuff with others and give them knowledge is worth it. :D
while i have seen somewhere its just flat out middle finger giving so i'll make it then i'll see what happens. I was playing on making it anyway XD

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