Hand Knits!


Introduction: Hand Knits!

These photos show what I've been doing during these wet, dark days here in Washington State! Hope you like my work! I'd love it if you visited my web site at: velvetandwood.com and left your name and email addy on my email sign-in!



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    Love the pink flower! I'm into hats, also and would like to get the "know how" on a couple of yours. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hi sondrakb...thanks for the compliments! The pink flower is made from some boiled wool I had. I put a white pom pon in the middle surrounded by strings! Have a great day! Lou

    Oh, and the mannequinn(sp?)...absolutely too cool.

    i really lke the pink flower. did you make it out of fleece?

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    Hi knitter91..thanks for the compliment! No the flower is not made from fleece...I had some boiled wool on hand and used that! Thanks for writing, Lou

    no problem, it's a cool flower. last year, i made a book cover using boiled wool and needle felted the words on. it looked really neat. you should try it :)

    This, and I mean THIS, is just really cool! (All of them) I like the blue and red scarf, it's awesome!

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    Thank you so much GorillazMiko...you've made my day!