Hand Made Leather Wallet




Introduction: Hand Made Leather Wallet

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Step 1: Make a Pattern

i draw all of my patterns out on bristol board or card stock before i cut them out of leather.

be sure that your most outer piece (if your using the template shown) is a half inch longer to allow your wallet to fold. you can see this well in photo 2.

trace everything onto your leather and cut carefully with an exacto knife.

Step 2: Dye

now is time to dye all the parts to the colour of your choosing. i went antique fade. i did this with a sponge and it wasnt easy. an air brush is more efficient.

let everything dry.

Step 3: Make Your Card Slots.

glue around the edge that will be sewn.

then measure center on your pockets to punch your holes to sew, and sew your pockets together.

Step 4:

glue and sew your card pockets to the top of your inner back piece.

Step 5: Attach Your Outer Back Piece

glue ONLY the ends being sure they and the bottom line up perfectly.

picture 3 will show that your back not laying flat is not a mistake.

scribe a line for your punch to follow.

punch your holes leaving a gap at the bottom center where your wallet will fold. shown in picture 5.

punch holes and sew.

Step 6: Finish Your Edges

grab your burnisher and dampen.the edges of your leather. then rub. and rub. and some more. until they are nice and smooth.

i then dyed mine oxblood

Step 7: Fill With Cards!

filler up and put it in your pocket!

good luck!



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