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I tried to make robotic arm that I can control with arduino and you can see the results.

In this instructable I am going to show you how to make MeArm and in other one I will show you how to control it in multiple ways.

You can find original project here: MeArm

Step 1: Template

Picture of Template

If you have CNC machine you can cut this template with it but if you don't have it and you still want it you can make it same way I did.

First print template and cut paper parts.

Step 2: Materials

Picture of Materials

All you need is 4 servo motors and one A4 plywood size.

Step 3: Cut All Wooden Parts

Picture of Cut All Wooden Parts

Step 4: Connect Pesces

Picture of Connect Pesces

You will need 3mm screws or you can improvise like I did.

Step 5: Connect Joints

Picture of Connect Joints

Step 6: Attach Catcher to the Joints

Picture of Attach Catcher to the Joints

Step 7: Done

Now you can connect servos to arduino and control your MeArm and I will show you how to do it in next instructable.

+Bonus I made special part for pen so I can easily draw anything with my robot arm.

This project was supported by Srpska Nauka.


DmitriA1 (author)2016-08-11

Could you please tell me what the width of the pieces should be thank you.

ali_baloch99 (author)2016-06-30

I want to make this arm but I'm confused about the size of the parts can you tell me what seiz have you made this the size of the parts???

Wassup54321 (author)2016-03-07

Hello! I have to do a project for school and am thinking of doing this. However I would like to know where I could get an Arduono and the other materials for this project. Thanks!

Lord_Am (author)2016-02-25

Great project i'm planning to build one this week :D

For those who don't know, these are SG90 servos.

Dzefri (author)Lord_Am2016-02-26

Thank you.

iPalGaza (author)2016-02-24

amazing what you post here .. and well done ,,, i neeeeeed a favor ... I WILL SEND YOU MY GMAIL TO SEND YOU THE PHOTO I WANNA COPY AND DESIGN
thanks in advance <3

Dzefri (author)iPalGaza2016-02-26

Thank you, I will send you my email in your inbox.

Meepperoni (author)2016-02-21

Nice! May I Use This For My Science Experiment? If So, Can i Know Where Did You Get The Servo Motors? It Would Be Much Appritiated, Thank You! :D

Dzefri (author)Meepperoni2016-02-26

Thank you, this is open source project it is not mine and you can use it, I bought motors online.

finnj4 (author)2016-02-16

Nice one can you contact me and send all the item you used and the instrutions in your words

Dzefri (author)finnj42016-02-18

You can see all tools I used on pictures.

Ruben Marc Speybrouck (author)2016-02-11

hey looks great!

before I try it i d like to see a video though. any chance of that happening?

Thank you, I have a video but I don't know how to post it on instructables, I can send you in email or you can wait untill I post instructable of controling MeArm. :-D

i think the best way is to upload it to youtube. instructables supports youtube vids natively just through the link to the vid.

i wont post my email here but I would really like to see it working. it looks so cool ;)

I posted video, you can check it it is on last step.

Cool stuff man. The start of your in home factory

Yes, I used SG90 and thank you. :-D

hey scamerman,

you v been so helpful! I have one last question. the file you added is pdf. I want to lasercut it but I need an svg file. I could convert it but I dont know the original sizes. Any chance you could an SVG file or add a scale?

Yes, I used SG90 and thank you. :-D

Yes, I used SG90 and thank you. :-D

Yes, I used SG90 and thank you. :-D

What servo did you use? SG90?

Btw: if you sold the woodwork as a pre cut kit, I would totally buy. Just a thought ;)

UtsavC (author)Dzefri2016-02-13

can you send me the video on
and what is the name of your video you uploaded on youtube

Dzefri (author)UtsavC2016-02-14

Name of the video is "Hand-made MeArm v0.4" and I won't send you video becaise I posted it on youtube.

phenoptix (author)2016-02-14

Wow! Hand cut! Amazing job! Any chance of a link to for those who dont know the original project?

Dzefri (author)phenoptix2016-02-14

thank you, I posted the link it is in first step.

phenoptix (author)Dzefri2016-02-14

Thanks so much for that and wow again on the hand cutting! Looking forward to seeing your next steps!

UtsavC (author)2016-02-13

hey how did you cutted the wood sheet
what did you used

Dzefri (author)UtsavC2016-02-14

I cutted it with my hand saw you can see it on pictures.

Samuel_Alexander (author)2016-02-13

Nice project! Can you put demonstration video please?

Voted it ;)

Dzefri (author)Samuel_Alexander2016-02-13

Thank you, I posted video, it is on the last step. :-D

AlfredJ5 (author)2016-02-11

Gonna try to make this soon

When will the Arduino part come out?

Dzefri (author)AlfredJ52016-02-12

I will post in in a week I think :-D

AlfredJ5 (author)Dzefri2016-02-12

Ok, thanks.

This is a great project!

Hoe thick was the plywood that u used?

AlfredJ5 (author)AlfredJ52016-02-12

Also, how big should I print out the template

Dzefri (author)AlfredJ52016-02-12

It was 4mm and I printed it in A4 paper size.

AlfredJ5 (author)Dzefri2016-02-12

Ok, thanks for the info

cobourgdave (author)2016-02-11

Really a great project. Well written and for me, who can't afford a 3D printer, a wonderful example of design and construction.

Dzefri (author)cobourgdave2016-02-12

Thank you :-D

acheide (author)2016-02-11

Wow. Hand cut. I thought mine was tedious with a scroll saw.

Dzefri (author)acheide2016-02-12

Thank you, I tried my best. <3

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