Step 4: Finish the Pieces

First of all, a lot of the pieces you make are going to look kind of rough. You'll get better with practice, and you can eat the mistakes. Before giving up let the pieces you have made cool, and once they have cooled completely, lift the parchment up and peel it away from the candy (don't try to lift the candy, you'll probably break it.) Flip it over - the back probably looks a lot better than the front.

You can just lay the bad side down on top of a cupcake, but if you want both sides to look good you can glue two pieces 'bad' sides together with a bit more candy. To get them to stand up on cupcakes or something similar just use a butter knife to make a small cut, then push the candy into the cut.

When I was done I put my bottles in the fridge for a while. When they were cold and I squeezed all of the candy broke away from the sides and came out of the bottle. It tasted great sprinkled over ice cream. You could also just leave the bottles in the fridge until your want to make more pieces.
Lovely. I like it very much.
where did you get the heart print out from? Like the design choices on it.
DUH!!! Nevermind =)
 could you use some eyedroppers instead of squeeze bottles?
It might work, but eyedroppers depend on more on gravity whereas squeeze bottles use force. The candy might be too dense to come out of the eyedroppers easily. It has a fairly high viscosity.
I am totally doing this! Couldn't you keep some simmering water and keep the bottles in it while not using them? Thank you for this cute idea.
Thanks! I considered doing something like that but these bottles are made of LDPE which warps from relatively low heat, and the candy stays melted at a pretty low temp, too. I bowl of hot water would probably be enough to keep you going for quite a while, so I would try that first.
Nice technique! Those look beautiful.
De nada. I think there's something wiggy about your ratings though. I rated it significantly higher than what it's showing, and with only 2 ratings, I can't imagine why it's showing a number that low. I've noticed that in a couple of other 'structables too. I need to go research how the ratings are being weighted, because some of them (like this one) seem to be way too low.
Wow those look amazing, and delicious!
Thank you! I used the melting candy because I thought it would be easy to work with, and it is, but they taste so much better than I expected!
This looks like a fun thing to do in advance and to keep on hand when a last minute baked good is necessary. Thanks for sharing and good luck in the contest!
It's a perfect 'rainy Saturday afternoon' project. Box up your pieces in something air-tight and keep them away from things you don't want them to taste like (onions, garlic, coffee, etc.) and they should stay nice for a long time. The extras I made ended up on a plate on the kitchen counter for snacking and days later they're still delicious. Thanks!

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