Step 9: Trim the Legs

I made my table 26" tall. Once you decide how tall to make yours, measure from the top of the table, straight up (the table should be upside down), perpendicular to the ground. Remember to draw your line perpendicular to the ground, too, not perpendicular to the (diagonal) leg. Once all the legs are marked, go ahead and make the cut. When that's done, flip the table over and check for wobbles. If it does wobble, trim the legs so that it doesn't. If not, enjoy your new table!
instead of nails you could put it together with rope to make it even more rural
i notice this is green wood, you had any problems with it drying out and shrinking?
I actually just completed the table, and you have a good point. I guess I'll just see what happens.
great instructable. I was going to make a small table like this earlier, but didn't have time.
I like this! Very simple and effective. 5*
You might like some of Roy Underhill's books or his show if you can get it. That guy splits out boards and makes some amazing things. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Underhill
Nice job on the Instructable and the table!
I like how you built this without any fancy tools or items that are expensive or hard to find. Your instructions are easy to follow which will allow more people to build it. I think it would look great if you sand the top, and put a nice stain on it. I think that I will just have to build this one before I head off to college.

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