Step 2: Measuring Up Your Project

Picture of Measuring Up Your Project
When drilling the holes just make sure that the diameter of the hole is the same as the nail or peg your using or else they will either not fit or fall out.  The nails I used were 1/16th of an inch in diameter and 1 - 3/8ths inches long . I spaced them at 3/16ths of an inch apart, which should be your minimum for the yarn to work effectively around the pegs without limiting the yarn or your hook around them. (The yarn in this case was less than an 8th in in diameter.)

Measure once and then again as when working this close, it doesn't matter when using every other peg (3/8ths in apart ) for larger yarn the difference is not noticed as much but I did get one hole drilled too close to another, and it makes a slight change in the closeness of those two stitches coming off that  peg.  I have a size 8 foot. You may need more pegs for a larger foot.

The thickness of the letter gives enough room to figure in how many 8ths you need at 3/8ths between every other peg and get your diameter around the ring. and then remeasure in between  to make sure your 3/16ths are equally distant apart.  Some find that a compass with a pencil or a sharp pair of points (see photo) are good for fine work.

I just jumped in and marked off the points but next time I will be more careful.  For an average adult size foot, I found that you need to have at least 14.5 inches circumference round for your peg points. (minimum)  I ended up with a total of 74 holes, but started  out only useing38(every other one,  and then added a few pegs on the corners to get me up to 40  (make turning the heel easier on closer pegs) for the correct width starting at the toe. (14.5 inches is equal to 116 - 8ths  I somehow came up with 114.  38x 3-8ths, because my corners were not spaced evenly apart in measuring, but I had enough pegs to get through the project.   I did gradually add pegs for the heel turning and then spaced in between every other empty hole. Then gradually worked up to all but 8holes with a peg.  Also when increasing the number of pegs for the heel, I did decrease a few for the ankle and then replace the every other peg to start on the calf.  (Photos of the sock included in next few steps)
I will add more photos and info when I try out the other letter shapes.
doxiemama3 years ago
this is a good idea to come up from the underside. So you don't make your pegs permenant? Aren't the nails sharp.....I mean don't you scrap or poke yourself? And do you snag the yarn at all on the points....some look like they might snag it by not being smooth.