Step 5: The Sock

This shows how I was able to turn a heel by going back and forth between the straight part of the D (double back)  once for each full round. So I would go around one turn and head up the straight part of the D. Then use this as my point to turn back and go as far as the bottom of the straight part of the D and then turn and head back up the straight part. Then continue around and repeat this step till you get a heel large enough to accommodate your sock.  I did this mostly in the red and then continued a few rows in the dark brown to finish the heel to the right size.  I tried it a couple times till I got the right look in the fiber. You could practice just doing a heel turn before starting a whole sock, though doing an ankle sock would be much quicker. I could have gotten a pair of ankle socks out of one ball of yarn. Since I had two, I decided to go for knee socks because I love wearing them with my jeans.

The first photo is to show the extra thickness of the heel, (the toe area is not done yet.  My next pair of socks I will start with the top of the sock and work down as closing the tow is easier than taking the end off and then turning a cuff. (Like making a brim for a hat.)
The (2) second photo shows how the sock was expanded just using extra pegs adding one to every other empty peg to space them out. The (3) third photo is so you can better see the knitting and that I have pegs in most of the holes ending near the top.  I saved some dark brown to finish the toe. I can just sew the toe closed, but if its a bit tight, I am going to crochet more onto the end with the matching yarn.  (More photos to come)

<p>I love this idea. I'm going to have to try this. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Great instructable and a great idea, you clever clogs! I've found the same problem with knitting looms that have been bought. We always made our own as kids - my first one was a cotton reel four pin that every kid made in my day (yes, dinosaurs roamed the Earth :P) and I've made other, more complex ones since then, but using a letter D shape hadn't occurred to me. Kudos and thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>really great idea!</p>
I was going to do this for the first letter of my name, but then I remembered my name is zoe....
<p>I had kept this sight on my computer from your first time up, wow you have reaally made it more do able instructions, gooing out toget my letter this week. I have a wide size 7 dhoe so your 8 should work perfectly. love thayt I do not have to buy special pegs to make and it is adjustable</p>
I'm afraid to be old and trip or something and fall and stab myself in the face
file the tip of the nail
<p>Wow! Nice instructable!</p>
<p>I really like this idea! You had the same problem I had. The cheap looms were all large gauge made for the big chunky yarns. The ones made by <a href="http://www.knittingboard.com/" rel="nofollow">http://www.knittingboard.com/</a> are much better and available in most if not all craft stores. They have a specific sock loom, the sock loom 2 is 3/8&quot; gauge for making socks with worsted weight yarn, and the All-In-One loom (the one I just got), is the same guage as the sock loom 2 and is adjustable. I may make one of these letter looms too.</p>
<p>I made one of these for my dads girlfriends son, he like loom knitting.</p>
Thank you for the hard work <br>http://post.zamoserver.com
Neat idea. I've tried knitting, but prefer crochet. I have not tried loom knittig though. That might be more appealing. <br><br>I too like the idea of using letters for a loom.<br><br>Life is busy right now, so it may be awhile before I post my next instructible. <br><br>Thanks for stopping by.<br>
I found a heart made of braided chord. So thought this would be a great opportunity to use the four pin French knitting to make knitted chord and make something decorative out of it.
That sounds very cool! Any chance you might have a picture? Would love to see it!
Sounds like fun. I'm looking forward to seeing it. :o)
Glad you liked the made by hand, hand knitter. I am currently crocheting a hat for chemo patients. So I love to crochet also just for fun. Sometimes you just have to have the right moment to create an instructables, so don't force it. <br>I have one started but not finished. If I push it, I know it won't be the way I want it.
this is a good idea to come up from the underside. So you don't make your pegs permenant? Aren't the nails sharp.....I mean don't you scrap or poke yourself? And do you snag the yarn at all on the points....some look like they might snag it by not being smooth.
I nail the nails &quot;heads up&quot; -works just fine. Great Instructable oh Creative One :0)
Did you ever do an O? what about the P and the Q?
I'm floored. Good work!!
cool idea
Oh my. What kind of yarn is that?! I must have it.
How big is that D from top to bottom? Congrats on thinking out of the box on this one!
What a great imagination!! I'll look at these wooden letters in craft shops with a different perspective now. <br>This would be a fun way to introduce knitting to a young person. <br>If you buy two 'D's', you could knit both socks at the same time. <br>When I'm using up small amounts of leftover wool, I sometimes cast on the stitches using two sets of needles (of course!) and knit both mitts at the same time and often from both ends of the ball to be sure I don't use too much on one mitt.
What a great idea! I just love knitting socks. I did get two more Letter D but am working on a variant so I can get it to expand up to my thigh and make Long Johns for winter. I love wearing them under my pants in the winter but each year I have purchased some, they get thinner and cheaper material. Only if you happen to look into a hunters catalog will you find the heavy duty ones and sometimes these are too thick or itchy. By having control over the knit and the fiber, I can make something nice and warm and wearable.
I almost think you could do it by putting an outer row of pegs and then adding them into your rows as a deviation zigzag of two or 3 outer pegs for every 1 inner peg at the point where your knee bends, it will look a lot odd until you take it off the loom, or it may not even work, but it would be fun to see how it turns out...<br><br>Imma need a really big D...
I never thought of knitting my own Long Johns. I have half a dozen pairs mostly from thrift shops but I didn't see any in those shops this past winter. Couldn't get through an Alberta winter without them!!
I entered the maker bot challenge. Please vote for me. I have many projects that could use this tool.
Right now I'm trying to learn how to knit socks on dp needles and have never used a loom but I think this is a wonderful and inventive way to construct your own using found materials, thank you.
Did you try the letter O? If so, do you like it better or worse? How about P?
I really like this tutorial! I love to knit socks in the round on a large circular using magic loop, but might give this a try and then take the idea to my guild for them to see!
I have never tried magic loop, so we both have something new to try. If you do, I would love to see your knitter.
Great instructable! I have lusted after circular knitting machines, they are very pricey antiques and far out of my budget. I can knit circular but socks take such a long time. I really want to try this out. I have been spinning alpaca and it would make great socks!
I really enjoyed making socks this way. I am going to try long Johns next just because I am not happy with the quality in the store are either too thin or hunters type are too heavy. It will be one of my near future quests.
I am working on a variation with another Letter D to see if it makes a difference in the over all design. Can't wait to try the Q also.
You can count on my vote after May 1st. I marked it on the calendar!! <br>
Thanks for your support.
I'd love to see how you transform your tube into a sock? Does it have a toe and heel or is it just a tube when it's done?
I updated my photos. I was so excited about finishing my first sock and that it fit very well. I still have another to go but set it aside to get my photos done. If you can, please be the first to rate my project.
That is coming soon. I have photos of the heel and the longer length, but thought an instructional about making the sock would make a great add on. Thanks..I am going to add photos of the drill bit and segmenting off the sections here. So its not final. Hope you will rate my instructional.
I tried the french knitting but never was very good at it mostly because I always kept my line pulled too taught... Nice instructible I like the idea of using the letter as the loom it makes it almost customized for people if you use the letter their name starts with.
I like your idea, as I have obtained several shapes that I thought would work as knitters. The Straighter ones like L for instance would make good straight knitters for making panels. I thought of using C but then the knitting would fall to the outside of the letter making it a bit trickier to handle, but would give you 2xs the C around and back for your tube. Maybe a pant leg?

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