Introduction: Hand Painted Cashmere Scarves

Hand painting on cashmere is a bit difficult task. I have tried to explain it. Kindly watch the video and let me know your comment.

Step 1: Make Dye Paste

Picture of Make Dye Paste

First, make the dye paste using printing gum and urea

Step 2: Draw the Outlines

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Define the outline of shape using appropriate tools. We can use washable stuff like pencil, chalk etc. Here i have placed flex print under the scarf.

Step 3: Start Painting

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Start painting by using the brush. Fill the predefined areas.

Step 4: Leave It for Drying.

Picture of Leave It for Drying.

After finishing the painting leave it for drying.


theartfulbirder (author)2017-10-29

Very pretty! Will the dye come out if the scarf gets washed?

After finishing the paintings. They are dried and steamed. After steaming dyes become the part of the fiber. And they can be washed. Sorry, I forgot to mention that step (STEAMING) but my video posted above step 1 explains the whole process.

Thanks for clarifying! The scarf looks beautiful!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-10-29

One of the best ways to customize your stuff.


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Bio: I am a textile chemist. And i love to to do experiment on textiles using various dyeing and printing technique.
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