Introduction: Hand Painted Unicorn Spit Vases

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I saw this technique on Unicorn spits Facebook page and wanted to try it for myself. I have tried it in the past on the outside of the vase but mine always looked like something the cat threw up. This method was so easy and quick I had to share it.

Step 1: Old Glass Vases

Picture of Old Glass Vases

I had these glass jars from an old tea light candle stand but 2 of them broke so thought they would be perfect for this project.

Step 2: Pour Unicorn Spit Into Vases

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I started by just pouring some unicorn spit around the top of the vase and let it just run down the sides, once it got to the bottom I used the lid of the spray paint can to rest the vase on at an angle, and just kept rotating it until all the sides were covered.

Step 3: Place Upside Down on Paper Towel

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I used a spray bottle with water in it and put the spray on fine and sprayed into the vase 3 times. I lay down some paper towel and turned the vase upside down and let all the excess unicorn spit run out. I found I had quit a bit that came out so this was scooped up and I used the excess to do the wine glasses. After all the excess was out I turned them to face up so the unicorn spit could dry properly. It did not seem to dry for me when they were upside down.

Step 4: Add Gold Metallic Spray Paint

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Once they were dry you could see the veins appear in the spit. I cleaned the spit off the rim and put some masking tape around the edges so I would not get the spray paint on the outside of the vase. I used quick dry metallic gold spray paint and sprayed the inside of the vases. This filled in all the gaps where there was no unicorn spit. Once totally dry I sprayed 2 coats of Polyurethane on the inside and on the ones I was going to use as planters I put 2 coats of clear acrylic spray.

Step 5: Add Sealer

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For the planters I coated the inside with 2 coats of clear acrylic. I did not know how waterproof they would be so I added 2 layers of cling film to the vases just in case. I added some stones to the bottom for drainage and hid the plastic around the top with small stones. Because succulents do not need lots of water I think these are a good choice for the vases.

Step 6: Close Up of Final Product

Picture of Close Up of Final Product

Step 7: Materials Used

Picture of Materials Used

Unicorn spit stain and glaze

Metallic gold spray paint

Clear acrylic spray paint

Polyurethane spray

Old vases

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dbenedetto (author)2017-11-30

Beautiful! I would use them as goblets.

AnitaH25 (author)dbenedetto2017-11-30

Yes they would, but not to sure yet how waterproof they will be, so for now just using them for decoration.

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