Picture of Hand Painting Wine Glasses
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This instructable will take you from the beginning steps to the finish of painting a wine glass. I will be using Folk Art Enamel Paint.
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Step 1: Clean Glass

Picture of Clean Glass
This is the first step before you begin painting on your glass. You may wash your glass and then clean off with rubbing alcohol, or just clean off with the rubbing alcohol. Just try not to touch the areas to be painted once you have cleaned them.

Step 2: Select Your Paint

Picture of Select Your Paint
At this point you will need to pick the first two colors you will be using. In this case, I am using Cerelian Blue and Warm White.

Step 3: Load Your Brush

Picture of Load Your Brush
Please the two colors close to each other on your place or palette. Dip one corner of your flat brush in to one color the and opposite corner of your brush in to the other color. Begin to move the brush back and forth a few times and repeat this step. Your brush should be loaded at least 2/3rds of the way full. It is important to have plenty of paint on your brush. This will allow your brush to flow nicely creating a lovely painting.

Step 4: Begin Painting Your Flower Petals

Picture of Begin Painting Your Flower Petals
Start with the first petal that is at the top of your flower. Start on the chisel edge of your brush. Push and come around ending up on the chisel edge. Proceed in this same manner around the flower, until five petals have been painted. You may add more paint as needed. It is not necessary to move your paint brush back and forth on your palette or plate after adding more paint. When you begin your first stroke, do three blending strokes before creating the first petal. I would recommend this each time you add more paint and begin a new step.
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I am able to paint the entire wine glass for drinking. If so what brand may I use? Can I spray paint glasses and bake them as well?

I was just wondering if you ever tried to paint on the acrylic wine glasses? If so can you still bake them to cure them or do you have to do the 21 day process?

HollyV2 months ago

Are the cured classes dishwasher safe or hand wash only?

thanks so much

emiliejol_3 months ago

Can you use different brands at once? I just bought some Folkart, which says to bake at 350 for 30 minutes, and Gloss Enamel says to bake at 325 for 30 minutes. Thanks!

what if ive made a mistake and want to remove a bit of the painted area, or decide to make a negative space of it? hoe do i remove any paint already existing on my glass? alcohol?

lnorton34 months ago
I know to bake the glass after it is painted, but I am painting a design on a beer mug, and the person likes to freeze their glass before he puts his beer in it. Can this be done over and over or would that crack the design?
treestar175 months ago

Hi Aressa,

This is my first encounter with instructables--thanks for the lesson! I purchased a few glasses at the Dollar Store (I noticed the comment below where you said they should still bake fine) and I want to create a few as gifts and some just for fun. I'm a writer so I want to write quotes and inspirational words; I purchased a whole set of Sharpie oil-based paint markers--would this process still work using the markers?



sue.moore.1255 months ago

I just bought some wine glasses cheap at Goodwill and can't wait to go buy my paint. I'll let you know how they come out. You are great and I love that you don't mind sharing your secrets.

That is beautiful. I do have a question for you. I cured some cups i just recently painted. One of the pics ran while being cured. Is there a way to remove the paint after it is cured?

dawnbb3 years ago
I am going to try my luck at this type of project. However, can I use glasses bought from the dollar store?

Yes you can i did a project for Christmas present and i bought my cups from the Dollar Tree. I even cured them for 30 mins in the oven and 350 degrees. they did fine and did not break in the oven

PMBilly dawnbb1 year ago

I'm wondering if I can use a combination of glass paint and acrylic paints? Does the baking times differ with glass paint?

aressa (author)  PMBilly1 year ago

I would strickly use paint created for glass. I would be afraid that regular acrylic paint would not adhere properly to the glass, thus causing it to come off while being used. The different glass paints do have different baking times. Some do not require baking even...I would follow the directions on the bottles from the manufacturer. I would try to stay with the same paint brand for each project....Not sure how the different paints will interact with each other. You will find many of the paints behave differently from each other. Some are similar. It is a lot of trial and error to figure out what works best for you.

Best of luck!


PMBilly aressa1 year ago

Thank you for replying so promptly Amy. Really appreciate it.

One more question if you don't mind? Is it possible to use gem stones on these and bake them with the paint? Making 12 of these, and personalizing them. Got one that loves bling so hoping I can use gemstones?

jjoyner511 months ago
So im going to try this. I have a large quantity of just acrylic paint due to doing mostly wood projects but was asked to do some wine glasses so with all the paint I already have I'm gonna attempt to use it. Do have a couple enamel paint markers as well. I've read on Web that a polyurethane can be applied after painting as well. Just wanted to know if this should be used after the heat cure? For extra dutability.. thanks
aressa (author)  jjoyner511 months ago
Good luck! I personally would only use paint created for use on glass. I have never coated my work with a polyurethane after painting, so I have no idea how that would work. All I can say, is you can experiement and see how it turns out. I would start with something you can practice on before painting the glasses.

I would follow the manufacturer's instructions when it comes to baking and air drying prior to baking. No all products require baking, but many do. They are all different... If you are using just regular acrylic paint, it may not indicate baking. That is something you will need to experiment with. Make sure glass is placed in a cold oven, then preheat. Remove glass from oven after cooling...

Good luck!

Bmci1 year ago

hi there this will be my first time and was wondering if there might be a simpler design to try.

aressa (author)  Bmci11 months ago

I am sorry, but I don't really have an easier design to show you right now...Do you have much painting experience?

Bmci aressa11 months ago
aressa no need to be sorry girl...I oil painted but that is several years ago did well sold gave away kept fav...but canvas is I have to tell all of you ladies you do beautiful work and I have all of the supplies and am set on doing something pretty or trying really hard. Thanks again and I will let you know if I sink or swim ..
monegacp11 months ago

You provide some the best instructions I have seen so far. I am having a Girls Night at my house this weekend and I have a couple of questions:

1. I have some friends that want to add Rhine Stones and Glitter to there wine glasses. How do you adhere them; are you able to put the material in the oven and be safe; and will it be dish washer safe.

2. When applying different players of color for instance if I Paint my glass a solid color when they want to write something on it, do I have to/should I wait until the first layer is dry?

3. Do you put the glasses in the oven when the paint is still wet, or do you have to wait until it is somewhat dry.

Thanks in advance for your advise.

aressa (author)  monegacp11 months ago

Thanks for contacting me. It can be a little tricky to apply rhinestones. I recommend E6000 glue. The problem can be getting the stones to stay in place until the glue dries. If they add these I would only recommend hand washing.

I would follow the instructions on the paint you are using. There are many different kinds of glass paints out on the market. They all have their own instructions.

I know that many of the glass paints can be placed in the dishwasher on the top rack. I often recommend hand washing to preserve the design longer.

You will need to allow the paint to dry before painting on top of it with another color. If not, it may run together or smear.

Folk Art Enamels request that you allow the paint to air dry for 1 hour prior to baking. Some paints require 24 hours before baking.

The main thing when baking is to place the glass in a cold oven, then preheat. Allow the oven to cool prior to removing the glass from the oven.

I hope this helps....Have fun!

Kwomen1 year ago
Hello I just want to know if after painting the glasses are they safe to drink from?? I'm just concerned if I make these I don't want anyone getting sick. Thank you
JulieQ2 years ago
If I am using a clear medium, exactly when do I apply it? Before baking, after baking? Do you just brush it on over what you've painted or is there a spray? I'm really excited to try this :)
kkbenitez2 years ago
your glasses are beautiful. I have just started painting on glass and would like to know how to put on the paint without getting lines in it
aressa (author)  kkbenitez2 years ago
Thanks! I appreciate the nice comment....

As for lines, I guess I would have to see what you are referring to. It may be that you aren't putting the paint on thick enough, or if you are using Folk Art Enamels, you may need to add some flow medium or clear medium. It also can be the brushes you are using....

The glasses in this turtorial were painted with the One Stroke technique. I think that eleminates a lot of the lines because of the two paints, and may the way the strokes are done.

In some instances, you may see lines when you hold it up to the light....

There are also wonderful paint brushes for glass through a site called, Jillybean Fitzhenry.. Link: . These are nice to use when placing one color of paint on the glass, and helps get a more opaque look....

I hope this helps...Let me know if you have any other questions...

I followed her instructions using the Folk Art Enamels and wine glasses made in the USA from World Market ($2 each), and mine turned out great!! So excited to find a glass painting tutorial that actually turns out the way it's supposed to :)
aressa (author)  ninercheer132 years ago
That's so nice..I appreciate the kind words....If you took any pictures, I'd love to see them....You can email me at ....

Tank27972 years ago
Will try this weekend to do something like these wine glasses:  Will let you know how it went.
aressa (author)  Tank27972 years ago
I would love to see pictures....Best wishes with it!!
kathynv2 years ago
What beautiful result! I paint glass and china as well, and my results are nowhere near as nice as yours. I plan to use your instructable to improve my own work. Thank you!
aressa (author)  kathynv2 years ago
Thanks so much! I appreciate the kind words....Best of luck to you!

Great job! The instructions are easy to follow and the result is very beautiful!
bajablue3 years ago
What beautiful work!
ACharters4 years ago
I just painted these as a last minute gift for my mom and she adores them. They are nowhere near perfect, but for having no previous painting experience besides what I learned in elementary school I don't think they are half bad. Just goes to show that you don't need to be a professional to make something beautiful.
christmas 038.jpg
You did a beautiful job!
Kgarasich3 years ago
Does this paint become water proof and not chip off? This looks like arcrylic paint and i was thinking of using a glass paint but the colors are terrible. Do i need to apply a sealant to this paint or does it dry permanent? Thanks love them!
aressa (author)  Kgarasich3 years ago
The paint I use is Folk Art Enamels. It is acrylic paint made for glass painting. You cannot let the glassware sit in water. You can place it in the dishwasher on the top rack. I recommend hand washing to preserve the design longer.

The paint can chip. It just depends on how thick you put the paint on the glass. You do have to be careful not to make it too thick, causing it to bubble when baked.....

I place a clear medium made by Folk Art Enamels for added durability.



I am painting wine glasses today :) thanks for all of the tips! I was just wondering if you coat the whole glass with the clear medium or just the painted parts? Also what do you apply it with? a flat brush?

I was also wondering if I can bake as many glasses that will fit in my oven at the same time? Does it effect the baking time?
HELP! Has anyone ever painted the rather thin wine glasses from IKEA and baked? Used pebeo paints and am afraid the 350 for 45 minutes is going to explode 'em! IF no one has I'm going to do one and will post results but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere If I can bake at a much lower temp for a longer period of time - any help?
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