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I love when my son comes to visit me on the weekends.  We always come up with something to build together.  So in this instructible we came up with a quick toy.  We took a 1/8th inch dow about 7 inches long and HOT GLUED a model airplane propeller to it.  Then we added a little heat shrink to it to give it a little weight and grip.  Please see the video.  This is so simple, inexpensive and super fun.  We played catch with it.  If the receiving person misses it, the point goes to the one passing it.

Step 1:

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1/8 inch dow about 7 inches long.
1 model airplane propeller
1 tube heat shrink from radio shack.

HOT GLUE "Yippi"

Step 2: Assembly

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Hot Glue the propeller to the dow rod and center as best as possible.
Add heat shrink and you are ready to go.


slog0990 (author)2013-06-16

How is this guy ripping you off just because he's smarter than you you don't have to get upset

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