You will need heavy duty aluminum foil A lighter small aluminum pan and hand sanitizer also a knife or scissors

Step 1: Fill the Aluminum Pan With Hand Sanitizer Halfway

Step 2: Cover the Aluminum Pan With Foil and Seal the Edges

Step 3: Take a Knife or Scissors and Make Your Holes

Step 4: Take a Lighter and Light It Up

Step 5: And You're Done

You can get close to a few hours out of this and as you see in the picture you can make different size holes to give you different size fire
I've even used bacon grease with homemade wicks to cook and never thought of this.
<p>This is an awesome survivalist project. Definitely keeping this in my back pocket for the zombie apocalypse.</p>
Yes indeed I keep hand sanitizer in my survival bag
<p>Interesting! You've got a little emergency stove. I can see how this might be very handy in a pinch.</p>

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