Introduction: Hand Saw From Reciprocating Saw Blade

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Make a handheld saw.
It can be used for light sawing, cutting packing tape on boxes or opening envelopes.

Step 1: Create Handle

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- duct tape
- reciprocating saw blade

Create a handle using the duct tape. Wrap it around the reciprocating saw blade.

Cover about half the blade and be sure to wrap it around several times. This will create a cushion against the teeth of the saw blade when it is gripped.


BeachsideHank (author)2016-05-02

Is your next spoof going to be how to make tape for a saw blade handle? ☺

matt392 (author)BeachsideHank2016-05-02

No, tape is readily available at Home Depot, so that won't be necessary. ☺

joekurm (author)matt3922016-05-02

Saws are readily available at Home Depot, so this DIY is irrelevant.

But seriously, if you are in a bind, this works!

BeachsideHank (author)joekurm2016-05-02

I did use a variation on this trick though; separating a pair of kitchen wall cabinets from the frame anchor screw that was buried beyond retrieval and was holding them fast. Only difference was I used a pair of locking Vise Grips as the handle, it was indeed a lifesaver that day.

matt392 (author)BeachsideHank2016-08-14

Great idea Hank! Sometimes one has to improvise to get the job done.

matt392 (author)joekurm2016-05-03

It works quite well - I used it recently to unbox a few dozen computers at work.

cstrong278 (author)2016-05-01


matt392 (author)cstrong2782016-05-01

Some of the best Instructables are the simplest ones. ☺

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