Introduction: Hand Saw From Wood Shims and Jig Saw Blade

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A small hand saw made of wood shims and a jig saw blade.
1. 4 wood shims
2. 1 Jig saw blade
3. Cable ties
4. Craft sticks or other small pieces of wood.
5. Wood glue
6. Spax 5/8 inch screws (optional)

Step 1: Build the Handle

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1. Glue 2 wood shims together, 2 times, to form 2 solid pieces of wood.
2. Place the jig saw blade between the 2 pieces of wood shims.
3. Using the cable ties secure the blade between the 2 pieces of wood.
4. Optionally, add some 5/8 screws to hold it together.
5. Once the basic structure is in place, you will notice that the jig saw blade will move up if you try to use it. In order to prevent this movement, get a small piece of craft stick wood and glue it above the blade.
6. Now you can use the saw to open packages and other lightweight sawing tasks.


Modern Rustic Workshop (author)2017-01-06

I imagine this might work even better with a longer hacksaw blade. Those are usually around 12 inches, so the handle might get a better "grip".

Excellent idea! I made something similar to what you described with a 6 inch reciprocating saw blade here:

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