Introduction: Hand Saw Using Reciprocating Saw Blade and 1x2

Picture of Hand Saw Using Reciprocating Saw Blade and 1x2

Hand saw made from a reciprocating saw blade and 1x2 pine wood.

1. Reciprocating saw
2. Piece of 1x2 pine wood, maybe 6 to 8 inches long
3. 1.25 wood screw; I prefer torx (T-25 in this case)
4. Plastic cable ties.

Step 1: Attach Blade to Wood

Picture of Attach Blade to Wood
  1. Using a screw, attach it to the 1x2 on the 1 inch side. Put the 1st screw through the reciprocating saw blade hole.
  2. Use a 2nd screw and attach it to the 1x2 just to the right and under the blade. This 2nd screw is key since it will prevent the blade from rotating around the 1st screw when it is being used. Otherwise, the blade will push upwards as the user pushes down to cut wood.
  3. Since the blade will be kicking out a little from the wood on an angle, use 1 or 2 cable ties to pull it back into a straighter line.

Step 2: Saw in Action

Picture of Saw in Action

  1. Picture of the hand saw in action cutting off the end of a piece of wood protruding from a wood box I was constructing.
  2. Note that the design of having the blade on the side allows one to get close to the edge of what is being cut.


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