Step 2: Slip Stitch

1) Start inside of your hem. Hide your knot in the fold of the hem.
2) Right next to where you started, on the other side, pick up with your needle just a few threads in the fabric.
3) Then go right back down into the fold of the hem. The needle will follow that fold, so the thread stays hidden as you make your seam.
4) Pull your needle out of the top of the fold.
5) Right next to where your needle comes out of the hem, pick up a few threads from the other side.
6) Then go right back down into the fold of the hem.

Repeat until you finish your seam. You'll make up the length under the fold of the hem, and you'll secure it witch those threads on the other side.

JessickaRay4 years ago
Thanx for the vid... Now I know how to do a slip stitch, yay! Still paracticing though, 'cus I can't hand-sew for my life!
kathrynmichelle (author)  JessickaRay4 years ago
Hand sewing definitely takes a lot of practice. you will get the hang of it!
Thanks for the encouragement. Lol, for some reason though, my stitching is a bit crooked!
i asume you cant do this with thin fabric
kathrynmichelle (author)  deathsmileyinc4 years ago
you can do this with ANY type of fabric! the more delicate the fabric the smaller your stitches need to be.