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Introduction: Hand Stitched Mini Book

(This is my first 'ible, so please be kind!)

Here is a book I first made in May of 2006. I thought I would capture it all on the digital camera, in case others may like it. So, here it is!

- Playing cards (I used mini ones)
- Glue Stick of choice
- Papers of choice
- Thread and Needle (I used clear beading thread)
- Scissors
- Embellishments, stickers, ribbons, beads, etc (whatever you want to add to the book)
- Time (any amount you can spare is good, these don't take long, and once you've made one you can easily whip up a bunch in no time).

Step 1: Step One: the Basics

I started with 1 mini playing card (1 1/2" x 2 1/4").

Fold the card in half, so that it is 1 1/8".

Find something for the cover, something that you like...I picked a notepaper from Michael's.

Glue to card to the center, leaving room around the edges. Also trim the paper so that it will overlap the card.

Glue the edges onto the card, fold over the pointy edges and glue them too.

Fold the card again.

Choose another paper, and cover the inside of the card, leaving an edge around the card.

Step 2: Step Two: the Contstruction

Next, cut a few pages for the interior - I cut 3 pieces (2" x 1 1/4").

Now stitch the pages inside - I used invisable thread, rather strong and clear.

This is where you can add beads to the stitching, if you like (see the last photo).

Step 3: Step Three: Personalizing Your Book

Here is where you can do as you wish! I have used all sorts of embellishments over the years, and they alway come out very cool =D 

Next cover with wire-edged ribbon, gluing on the inside only (so you don't have glue on the outside of the cover).

Then, add satin ribbon to cover the edges of the wired ribbon (glue on the inside, and one dot on the outside).

Finally, you are done with the basic construction, and have an adorable little mini book!

Mess around with the papers and ribbon (or whatever you want!). I'd love to see if anyone else makes these =D

These can also be done with any sized card, I just wanted a reason to use the mini cards  ;D

Any comments or questions are more than welcome! Also if you like, please subscribe and vote!



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A super cute way to decorate your books :)


Thank you :D

I just love these me and my friend are making a series of novels with the books


Thanks! :D

Great project!!!!! Super cute books!!!


Thank you!! =D

These are very cute Wynd!! :D I should do one of these one day. Thank you! <3


Thank you! You should! Let me know if you do =D