Picture of Hand Towel Rack - I made it at TechShop
Hand towel rack (9).jpg
I wanted some practice using the MIG welder, and I also wanted to make something that might find a use in the house.  I settled on a small towel rack for hand towels near the bathroom sink.  This Instructable will not cover welding techniques, and looking at my welds you will probably be thankful.  Instead I will go over the steps I followed and some of the tools available at the TechShop

Step 1: Gather the materials

Picture of Gather the materials
The towel rack needs a base, vertical supports, and the horizontal rack.  I used some steel rod, square tubing, and plate purchased from the local metal stock and scrap seller.  The bottom of the towel rack used 3/8 inch steel plate and the end caps for the square tubing were cut from 20 gauge sheet.