Step 2: Begin the Ball

You start winding from the center of the ball (obviously). 

Hold one free end in your hand and drape the long end around your thumb as shown in picture 1.

Make your hand into a gun, and wrap the yarn in a figure 8 around thumb and finger.

Continue in this method until you run out of room on your fingers!
<p>How cool, I've seen and used the figure 8 with a little wrap to keep it together; and the second part on its own, which is time consuming in the beginning. These 2 combined is just genius !!! :-)</p>
<p>Boy, I wish I had read your instructions yesterday! Had I done so, I would not have the mess I have to untangle now. But I paid $25 for my first hank of beautiful hand dyed wool, so now I will invest ANOTHER two hours trying to untangle it. Thanks so much for taking the time to post your How-To!</p>
Definitely working great! I tried knitting once before but gqvw up because of knotting. I didnt know to wind yarn. My thumb was a little sore, so ill go looser next time. A great start to my efforts to make a scarf! Thanks so much :)
Oooh, wonderful!! I love Instructables! Thank you SO much for posting this here! Hopefully I'll be able to do it well. Just bought my 2nd hanks of, as another here, &quot;expensive yarn,&quot; so I want to make sure it works okay. Thank you again, wonderful photos and text to explain it. :)
I always have the roughest time making these, and now I know why--I was doing it wrong! Thanks for your great instructable!
Thanks!!! I appreciate anything yarn rrelated and hadn't thought of this on my own! I must admit to a duh moment!
You made it seem way too easy.. I bet I will have to try a couple times. Great instruction.
I have always wanted to be able to do this. Me, thinking it has to be done by a machine. Thanks for sharing this great tip. When you have to carry yarn in a bag for travel knitting, this is the only way to go.
This is great. I will need to try this!
I can't wait to wind up my &quot;so expensive I'm afraid to use it&quot; yarn. :)
Every time I've done it this way it's cut off the circulation to my thumb :(. Am I doing it wrong?
Yeah! You&#39;re pulling it too tight! :D<br /> <br /> Member agthomas reminded me that I should include the warning not to stretch the yarn in the process.<br /> <br /> So sit back, relax, and let the your hands guide the yarn to drape itself gently into a perfect ball for you.<br /> <br /> Good luck!
::nods:: remembering to keep things loose in the beginning also helps ensure that the center where your pull-yarn comes from gives you a nice easy pull.
This is wonderful! Ever time I've wound yarn balls, they're not center-pull. I have a ball winder, but it's buried under stuff in my basement.
thanks alot and happy new year
I work as a medic working 12 hour night shift we were stationed out of what used to be a physical therepy large excersise empty room that was owned by our hospital. I had some knotted up yarn and had to double it up for a project, and didn't want to do it as I went along. SOOO needless to say I had yarn strung out across the entire 300 square foot &quot;room&quot; my partner was secluded to a small 5x5 area now I'll never have to do this again.!
This is terrific! Thanks -- I've never created a center-pull ball, but I'll remember this next time I'm winding.<br><br>Note: Step one, in which you discuss looping the yarn around chairs/friends/whatever is VITAL -- If you just lay the yarn on the floor or couch, you're gonna get hosed by tangling halfway through (or sooner), turning a 20 minute project into a 3 hour ordeal. (I have direct personal experience with this.) One way I like to do it is to wrap it around my knees, which works pretty well (as long as you don't have to get up halfway through.)
Very nicely done! Thanks. One reminder: don't stretch the yarn in the process. :-)
Nice! St the Waldorf school my children attend we make these for simple toddler toys.
yay for yarn!
Hey they look really professional! Wonder how many people don't know that you can do it easily at home.

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