Hand Crank Mobile Phone Charger





Introduction: Hand Crank Mobile Phone Charger

This is my first instructable

I made this for my HTC wildfire which charges from a 5v power supply
al you need for this project is:

1 x handcrank tourch
1 x phone charger USB lead

all you do is replace the LED connections with the + / - wires from the USB lead and its done

or even better you can wire it to a female USB lead and charge anything USB



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    going to make it next weekend also best idea ever

    It doesn't work on mine, did you just cut the connections on LED's and replaced it with the wire from USB? And what wires are to be connected?

    You can get the hand crank flashlights for 5 bucks or less anywhere you find cheap electronic stuff. My only concern would be that there is no regulator involved, and you would have to be careful of too much voltage when you "cranked it up". I keep a crank up torch/flashlite in every one of our vehicles so we never worry about the dead batteries in the flashlight gig that I think everyone has endured. Good thinking and I need to take apart one of those cranking lites to see if it does have some kind of limiting device, or if we could make one with some old diodes and a heatsink?????

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    how did you go with this ? im just wondering because i want to do this for a school camp coming up but dont want to fry my stuff

    thanks for giving this idea,i am going to make another one using this concept

    Seems like a lot of cranking, considering you'd be pulsing current to the battery. Clever idea, though.

    I have a variant of a solar powered charger case that I've a temporary patent on. The solar panel pushes 8 volts easily at over 5mA. In direct sunlight, it can recharge a Galaxy S3 in a couple hours. Even some clouds are ok, as most cell phones need only 4.8 volts to charge. The prototype is bulky and not very visually appealing, but it works.

    but it won create constant charge i mean it depends on how much you kwwp pressing it...

    Check this web site out! Other very cool stuff and they airmail for free!!
    Good Luck Jignesh! http://www.dealextreme.com/

    You can just google "hand cranked flashlight". You can also find these flashlights in most stores that sells outdoor stuff.

    You could use a 78L05 regulator, but you'd need up to 7 volts and it takes 3 ma quiescent current, so you'd want to use a switch to keep it from draining the battery when not used.

    Nice idea
    I was going to make a 9v battery cell charger but now I'm definitely going to make this