We used to consider plastic shopping bags as a way of covering my husband's boots when he rushed in with only 10 minutes to eat lunch. Now I have created a quick covering that he can slip on over his wet boots when he is inside and then slip off again when leaving.
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Step 1: Foundation chain

Picture of foundation chain
chain 17 stitches using a J/6mm hook

Step 2: Creating the curve

Picture of creating the curve
make 2 hdc into the 2nd stitch from the hook

Step 3: Hdc into each stitch down to the end then do 2 hdc in the last stitch

Picture of hdc into each stitch down to the end then do 2 hdc in the last stitch
hdc down one side til the end where you will put 2 hdc into the last chain then put another 2 hdc on the other side of that same stitch .

Step 4: Creating the sole

Picture of creating the sole
so you have this oblong shape and on each end you have 2 groups of 2 hdc to create the curves. ss to the first hdc and ch 1 then make 2 hdc into each of the next two sts

Step 5: Increasing your rounds

Picture of increasing your rounds
for each round you put in that many multiples of the 2 hdc in each stitch. So for round 3 you would put 3 sets of 2 hdc at the beginning then towards the end, on the other side of that end and then at the end where you will slip stitch to join and chain up into your next round.

Step 6: Rounds 4-8

Picture of rounds 4-8
round 4 follows the same pattern as the previous rounds so you would do 4-4-4-4. When you get to round 5 you repeat round 1 and do just 2-2-2-2. Round 6-8 you only put 2 hdc about 6 stitches in. So you do 1 hdc in each of the rows til you are on the curve and you do 2 hdc to follow the curve of the piece so it continues to lay flat and not curl up.

Step 7: Finishing off

Picture of finishing off
note that once you have established where you are placing the 2 hdc in round 6 you just have to do the 2 hdc into the previous round's each time. 8 rounds fits my husband's size 10 boots so if you need it bigger or smaller just adjust how many rounds you will need.
Spazer1011 months ago
I have that same type of yarn!
Cool! I liked the Slideshow for this as well. Nice job!