How to make a simple, inexpensive hand drill from a wood spoon. 

The reasons someone might want to build a hand drill are:
  1. Cannot afford a cordless or corded drill, but still need to drill holes and build things.
  2. Need to drill quietly because of roommates, sleeping spouse, etc.
  3. Necessary to have lightweight, portable drilling capability.
  4. Need to hold the wood while you use a hand drill.  Traditional hand-cranked drills require 2 hands to use.
  5. No access to electricity, ie: an emergency situation or out in the field, but still need to drill
  6. Environmentally conscious; uses no electricity
Why use a wood spoon?
  1. Wood spoons are available inexpensively at many 99 Cent stores usually 3 for $1
  2. In the event of an emergency (ie: financial, flood, fire), a wood spoon is often available
  3. Round portion of the spoon makes it easy to hold and rotate in your hand

Parts List:
  1. Wood spoon (you can buy 3 for $1 at a 99 Cent Store)
  2. Ryobi Speedload Titanium 1/8 in drill bit; Home Depot SKU: 773939
  3. Duct tape
  4. Cable ties (can buy at Home Depot or 99 cent store)
  5. Rubber bands

Step 1: Tape Drill Bit to Wood Spoon Handle

  1. Use the duct tape to tape the drill bit to the handle of the wood spoon
  2. Make sure that the bit is straight
Looks like this might convert to a "Bow Drill" quite easily to save some effort. there are several primitive drill type tools that might offer some interesting inspiration for further investigation.
Good point DD. I noticed most of the bow drills were being used for lighting fires. They seemed a bit difficult to put vertical weight onto them in order to make them effective drilling mechanisms. Perhaps some sort of weight? <br>

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