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Introduction: Hand Drill Using a Screwdriver

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How to make a simple, inexpensive hand drill with a screwdriver.  The reasons someone might want to build a hand drill are:
1.  Cannot afford a cordless or corded drill, but still need to drill holes and build things.
2.  Need to drill quietly because of roommates, sleeping spouse, etc.
3.  Necessary to have lightweight, portable drilling capability.
4.  Need to hold the wood while you use a hand drill.  Traditional hand-cranked drills require 2 hands to use.
5.  No access to electricity, ie: an emergency situation or out in the field, but still need to drill
6.  Environmentally conscious; uses no electricity

This one is a slightly downgraded version of my first hand drill:

  1. Screwdriver (can buy them for 99 cents at Home Depot)
  2. Ryobi Speedload Titanium 1/8 in drill bit; Home Depot SKU: 773939
  3. Cable ties (can buy at Home Depot or 99 cent store)
  4. Duct tape (available at Home Depot)
  5. Rubber bands (preferably the thicker ones)
  6. Wire cutter (not shown)

Step 1: Tape the Drill Bit to Shaft

  1. Align the drill bit with the end of the screwdriver.
  2. Using the duct tape, secure it to the end.
  3. Try to make sure it is aligned straight with the shaft and that it doesn't lean to either side.

Step 2: Secure With Cable Ties

  1. Using the cable ties, loop them over the drill bit and duct tape. I used about 6 or so.
  2. Lock them down as tight as possible.
  3. Using a wire cutter, trim the ends off.

Step 3: Further Secure Them With Rubber Bands

  1. Loop about 6 or 7 rubber bands onto the drill bit to hold it tighter to the shaft.
  2. Make sure you go in between the cable ties when looping so that the rubber bands are not cut on the ends of the ties.
  3. Make sure the drill bit cannot move side to side.
  4. If it does, add a few more rubber bands to make sure it doesn't move.



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    If you are in a pinch in the middle of no-where this is rather a cool to do tool!!! Shows me the true craftiness of one's intellectual being! Basically awesome using items you already have!! Great job friend!!!

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    Thank you Bill! That is very kind of you. Part of what I like about Instructables is that it shows you that there is always something you can put together tools to help yourself. Also, made a variation of this drill that uses a wood spoon: https://www.instructables.com/id/Hand-drill-from-wood-spoon/

    Although the screwdriver is not expensive, but blogger geeks spirit is important. Great! Collected...

    It seems several salient points are being missed here:

    1. Building a tool out of common parts is a very satisfying process.

    2. Many Instructable-type people viewing this site already have many of the materials on hand. Breaking the cost down further: 1 cents for the piece of duct tape, 5 cents for all the zip ties, 5 cents for the rubber bands, $1 for the screwdriver and $2.50 for the drill bit. Total: $3.61

    3. If one finds oneself in an area with no electricity, no money and a destroyed home (like many of my fellow New Yorkers), being able to construct a hand drill from commonly found parts is a very valuable skill to have.

    4. Both this model hand drill and a similar model (which I will put up in the near future) have easily drilled straight holes. I have used them both and it is not hard to do.

    5. If you are going to take the view that a factory with a $100,000 metal bending machine is going to produce a higher quality tool, then that approach has completely missed the whole point of the existence of Instructables.com and the whole DIY movement. Like I said before, when you produce a useful tool from common parts, it make something yours in a way that no amount of money can do for you.

    But why buy something when it is so much more fun and satisfying to build it? Only through building something can it be truly yours. Even if it is taken from you, the knowledge that you have gained from building it can never be taken from you. :-)

    A more elegant solution is a screwdriver that uses bits. They are cheap and, you can save those ty-wraps, rubber bands and duct tape for other projects.

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    Please note this statement from the Intro section:
    This one is a slightly downgraded version of my first hand drill: