A few months ago, I published and Instructable titled:
“Pocket size Espresso Machine with integrated alcohol stove.”

I got a ton of comments on the design; a good number of them focused on my use of copper as the main build material.
Questions of material safety with food were raised and some people even went the extra mile to see if using copper in this way was food safe.

A second point was also raised, that it was not really an espresso maker but a moka pot, due to its inability to exert sufficient water pressure on the coffee grounds.

So, for all of you, I went back to the drawing board and came up with a new design that solved both the copper and the pressure problems!

And incredibly, it's also cheaper and easier to make!

BTW, it is just big enough to hold 2oz of water so you can pull a double shot :D

A short video of the machine in action:

Step 1: Design constraints

The espresso maker works by releasing air at high pressure into the brew chamber (I used a small bike pump to build up the air pressure).

It works just like the commercial Handpresso which is my main inspiration.

To build this, I set the following constraints:

  1. All water handling parts had to be either aluminum or stainless steel.
  2. All parts had to be easily and cheaply obtained.
  3. Only simple tools could be used.
  4. It must be safe (no exploding parts due to high pressure or hands burned by hot water)
  5. Must be easy to give maintenance (sometimes overlooked)

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