Step 10: Stapling Fabric

At this point I like to lightly cover one side of the foam, and, the top of the wooden surface of the stool with spray adhesive. This will help keep the foam piece from shifting.
Turn the stool over onto the middle of the fabric and begin to staple the edges to the under side of the stool.
staple two sides across from each other.
<p>This would work for kids and light adults, but for side to side support with only 2 small screws, the legs are very weak. Attach 4 pieces of wood under the seat and 4 more about 3 inches up from the bottom of the legs and screw the legs to all of the boards for all-directional support.</p>
a little bit short, but awesome! tks
Ooohhh this would be an awesome project to do next week!!!! Great job with the intructable!
Thank You
Nice project. Easy to follow instructions. Great end result!
This is really nice....some of John's woodworking skills and looks great!! must be rubbing off on you!! <br>The kids will love making this...so useful
I agree with Schmidty, a bit of padding on the top of it would make a more comfortable seat, and not add much more to the project for complexity.
I agree with Schmidty as well, please read my response to Schmidth's comment!<br>thanks.<br>
did you put cushion in it it would feel better
OH MAN....I did put cushioning in it, in my supply list I mentioned 2 inch thick, 12&quot;X12&quot;foam pad, and in step 10 I talked about using spray adheasive to secure the foam to the top of the stool before I flip it onto the fabric to begin to attatch it, however, I forgot to insert a photo!<br>sorry
This is very cool! What a great idea for a project to do withyour students - I love it <br>

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