Do you want to make a yummie cookie that looks like your hand?
Then this is the perfect instructable for you!!!
I made this instructable because I love baking cookies. I got a book that is called "cookie". I had a look at that and then I saw this "hand cookie", and I thought if I decorate that nicely than I can make a instructable with that.

The book is in dutch named "Koekje", written by Cees Holtkamp. His YouTube (Foodtube haha) channel is here.

Step 1: Ingredients

  • 100 gram withe basterd sugar
  • 150 gram soft (but not melted) butter
  • grated citron skin from half of one citron
  • 250 gram self raising flour 
  • 50 gram red sugared peanuts (not necessary if you don't like them)
  • marsipan in white green and red
  • pink frosting  
  • a empty working spot
  • a rolling pin  
  • and a good mood

In my "cookie" book it's a bit different ingredients but this is more easy.

That looks really good! I love that you even decorated the nails on the hand :)
thankyou, i decorated my nails because i do that on my own nails two :) <br>
What a great idea! Very well made. <br>For me it would be the perfect opportunity to finally bite my nails and feel yummy in stead of guilty... <br>Well done, Monster-Marit!
Yummie, I like Monster hands :-) <br> <br>Great job!
thank you :-)

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