This is just a simple old vintage toy.
It takes only few minutes to build this funny project.
Make one for your children or why not for your own ;-).

Step 1: Materials

You need cheep materials , I used two tong depressor, but it can be done with cardboard, plastic bottle or coroplast .

- Tong depressors
- Chopstick or bamboo skewers
- An old BIC like body pen (optional)
- A strong thread ( about 50 cm length ) (optional)
- X-acto blade
- Drill and bits (optional)
- Some glue (hot glue or cyanoacrylate glue).
Great Instructable, you have my vote!
joe, <br>I'm glad you appreciated my instructables. ;-) <br> <br>Did you make it ? <br> <br>Franky
Just to clear things up? What are coroplasts? Sounds like chloroplasts, which make energy for plant cells.
LOL ...... :-) <br>Hi THATKNOT, <br>It has nothing to do with the plant energy system. <br>In the USA it is better known as corroflute. <br>That's the material board used during the election day signs or for the REAL ESTATE SALE sign post. <br>Cheers, <br>Franky
Thank you! I didnt know that! Where do you buy coroplasts?
You can find it at a home depot center or in hardware store or at one dollar shop. <br> <br>Cranky

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