Handcrafted Organic Loofah (Howto)





Introduction: Handcrafted Organic Loofah (Howto)

Natural loofah sponges Stimulate your circulatory system,exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin, massage and activate the nerve cells beneath your skin Aid in the prevention of cellulite build-up, also you can make so many handcrafted products



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    I have been looking all over to see how to any kind of scrubbie with a loofah, your vid is perfect, thank you

    I am going to plant loofah next spring, although my seeds are probably not Paraguan. There are some directions on the seed packet that say to dry and bleach the loofah after removing the skin. Do you recommend bleaching? And if so, how and what product?

    You really don't need to bleach them, some people just think they look nicer that way.

    Very nice! Where can you get seeds of Paraguan loofah?

    Where can you get seeds of Paraguan loofah?
    Wal-Mart has loofah seed.

    Wikipedia on Luffa.

    Thanks giannyl. I think everyone who submits a video to Instructables should watch yours first to learn what they should look like after editing. That's a great story about the farmers, too.

    I'm wondering that too.  do you think they would grow in Ontario Canada?

    It's worth a shot, if you find your growing season is too short, you could try starting them indoors the next year.

    I see, at my place in sarawak also have this plant. TQ for video, i will be try it.

    I just tried to view the video, and it took me to the 'metacafe' site, which informed me the video had been removed for unknown reasons.....

    Hi , sorry about that. You can check back again , i just update to another video player