Step 2: Create a design

Picture of create a design
C:\Documents and Settings\Kathy\My Documents\My Pictures\jimmi main folder\work\2007_01_30\contest\2007_11_27\process\cutpattern.JPG
C:\Documents and Settings\Kathy\My Documents\My Pictures\jimmi main folder\work\2007_01_30\contest\2007_11_27\process\glue it 2.JPG
Before you even pick up a saw, you need to make a pattern.
Create a design that is made up of separate, individual pieces.(think stained glass window)Do not leave any open spaces, or any stray lines.

After you've decided on a final design, make a lot of copies. Next you will cut out your pattern. You will cut around the outside of each separate piece, wich will make adjacent pieces of the pattern copy unusable. This is why multipul copies are required. Do not cut through the center of the line.*The main idea is, to have a clear line to follow when sawing through it later.

Now, glue all of the individual pieces to the chosen material. Try to plan ahead of time what colors/materials you want each piece to be.
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