Picture of Handheld Cooking Pan
   Make your own "HandHeld Cooking Pan"!

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Step 1: Requirements

Picture of Requirements
1 Soldering Iron (Preferably Cheap)

1 Pan Shaped Tin (Can be an Altoids Case, but I don't have them where I am now, so I just used a smaller tin.)

Hot Glue (If possible, get an alternative for sticking things. Hot Glue melts easily of course and isn't too great for a cooking pan.)

MANY Paperclips (Or something stronger, paperclips bend too easily.)

   Now you could probably make this MUCH more easier and stronger, but I'm short of supplies. I  also finished the whole thing before I took any pictures or anything, so I had to borrow pictures.

Step 2: Undo the Tin

Picture of Undo the Tin
   You need to open up your tin and take off the cover. The cover shall be used as the bottom cover so drill a hole on the side to fit the solder heat source. As you can see in my picture, I already had a place open, so I just put paperclips to hold it. You should be able to figure out where to drill a hole from the pic.

Step 3: Open Up your Soldering Iron!

Picture of Open Up your Soldering Iron!
   Now, if yours was as cheap as mine, you just need to twist the metal there, or unscrew it, its open with a white heating element there for the taking. You need to pull that out and put it through the hole you made in your tin. Make sure its secure and won't move around. Don't wanna burn anything extra.

Step 4: Wiring!

Picture of Wiring!
   Now this part you should choose where to put. Connect the white piece to the plug and choose where to hide the wiring. I just cut a bit of the metal tube from the Soldering Iron and put the wire through there, so that I could still use the Soldering Handle. Then I put Electrical Tape around it. It pretty much stays outside the tube and in Hot Glue till that plastic vent kinda shaped part near the handle.
ahmad52045 years ago
 please make a stand thanxxx only if you make JOKING!!!
ahmad52045 years ago
 btw how many volts
ahmad52045 years ago
 i cannot very well see this can you post more pictures thanxxx
PKM5 years ago
Wow... if only they still had the "not liable" category for extremely unwise things, this would fit right in :)

What else have you cooked on it?  Can you cook an egg, or a small rasher of bacon, or a pancake?
bloody0986 (author)  PKM5 years ago
Eh, was bored and had a not being used Soldering Iron, so I just made this. :P Tried an egg, worked pretty good actually. Was a bit small though. =/
bloody0986 (author) 5 years ago
Hmm, I tried adding ImageNotes so that it'd be easier to understand, but it didn't seem to work. =/