Picture of Handheld Fireball

Simple step by step tutorial on how to make what is shown above don't forget to subscribe PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE SAME TUTORIALS youtube.com/user/luis45752
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Step 1: Matirials

Picture of Matirials
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13, 1:50 PM.jpg
13, 1:50 PM.jpg
Won't be responsible do this at your own risk

Step 2: Cut A Long Strip Of Tshirt

Picture of Cut A Long Strip Of Tshirt
Cut the t shirt long enough or how ever you desire

Step 3: Start Sowing

Picture of Start Sowing
Role strip of cloth to a ball and begin sowing

Step 4: Now Fill With Butane

Picture of Now Fill With Butane
Find a pocket in the ball and fill with butane The more butane the bigger the fire and the colder but also the more the burn and the higher the tempature Now the smaller the amount of butane the smaller the flame and the longer you can hold it

Step 5: Grab Lighter

Picture of Grab Lighter
Wash your hands with water cold water this allows you to hold it longer with out burn make sure you move it around your hand when your ready to turn it off blow or simply close your hand
scottyoo1 year ago
This seems like a cool idea I might have to give a try!