Step 5: Wood Cutting

Using the supplied PDF layout, mark out the pieces onto the wood as shown.
Start by cutting the strip with B, C, & D off. I used a jigsaw, but a table saw would have been much better for this step.
Cut out pieces A & B next.
To create a perfect curved end to B & C, clamp them to a working surface, and then drill out the circle using a 1" bit.
Do not drill the holes for the buttons yet!
<p>the sound of the slomo sounds like a barking dog experiment.</p>
nice. i tried making black powder once and ut wasnt fast burning but would probably be good for something like this. might try ut out lol
Fins would be ideal to stabilize something like this. Obviously, since it is being launched from a tube, conventional fins are not possible, however some real rocket launchers like the RPG-7 use spring loaded stabilization fins (someone actually talked about this on instructables). It would take some time and engineering but it would be both effective and awesome if you pulled it off.<br>There is also the idea of gyroscopic stabilization. An experimental US firearm called the gyro-jet tested in the early '60s was actually a handgun that fired miniature rockets instead of bullets. The exhaust from the rockets was precisely angled to make the rocket spin like a football (American). This method would be much harder as it requires precise machinery and mathematical calculations, but kudos to any of you out there who can make it yourselves!
Gyro Jet actually produced pistols, rifles, &amp; flare launchers. I have a launcher, and some flares. The launcher is black anodized aluminium, &amp; stainless steel. The flare is pushed into the launcher, the spring loaded knurled knob, is pulled back &amp; released, causing the firing pin to strike what appears to be a small pistol primer, igniting the propellant. The copper base has 2 holes that are canted, the exeting gasses cause the flare to rotate, in flight. It burns bright red, accelerating out to about 400 meters very quickly. <br>The pistol &amp; rifle were novelties, but at US$2.00 for each, were not popular.
something like a pez snap back bascally a fin on a spring the push of the bareel makes them stay in and pop out when there at the end of the barrel
something like a pez snap back bascally a fin on a spring the push of the bareel makes them stay in and pop out when there at the end of the barrel
Good job mate, I like this I'ble very much!!! <br />I'm sure that making the missiles just a bit longer with some weight at the top - 'arrow-styled' - will make them a lot more stable. <br />Mosquito's will think twice next time before passing your window... ;-)
could i add kroylon heat guard then a wood case covered in truck linear
this rmeinds me of the gyro jet i think i f you use a aftermarket handle and add riffling to the barel it will be more acutarte or add spring loaded fins that pop out when i reaches the end
Here's a tip I found out years ago that adds to stability when making simple rockets using Estes type engines.The reason a simple &quot;bottle rocket&quot; cruises as straight as it does is the secret is in the stick. Rule of thumb is the stick is 7.5 x the length of the body or engine. For example say your engine is 2.00&quot; long. Get a length of 1/8&quot; diameter dowel rod from the hardware store. Cut off a 15&quot; length and wrap it to the engine using masking tape ( one end flush with the nose end of the engine and the remaining length at the exhaust end ) just like a common bottle rocket. We used a fuse we pulled out of a firecracker and stuffed it in the ignition end. Position it same as you would a bottle rocket and see the improvement as far as stability. TIP: not too much tape or you're adding weight and it won't fly as straight.
You have your fins at the front.... simple leverage stats that the propulsion has leverage over the fins, instead of the fins having leverage over the propulsion. I'd put bigger fins at the back, and maybe not out of paper ;) Those speeds are a bit too fast for paper.<br><br>Or like Madrais said, angle the fins as such to give it spin
Nice job and a nicely made instructable.
&quot;Rivet Tool (what's the proper name for this??)&quot;<br>The term your looking for is &quot;Pop rivet gun&quot; :-)
EPIC!!!, but a little safety info, if the rocket does not fir immediately, do NOT look down the barrel immediately, wait at least 30 seconds, then get it out, this is called a squib load. watch video to understand. over all, awesome. and i agree with buffalonickel, but instead of flash powder, use those things you throw on the ground that pop to make it go bang, and use the big ones.
Weigh the front of the missile down. By &quot;weigh&quot; I mean add a small amount of flash powder. By &quot;small&quot; I mean as much as you can fit.
haha, i love the way you think my friend. for any that need to know flash powder can be made by finding out how to do it on google, a particularly good recipe in a book called &quot;Steal this Book!&quot; written by a libertarian no less ;) though i will not tell you how on here because i dont want to be responsible for people blowing themselves up and i do not wish to get in trouble. If you attempt this make sure you create it in small batches, store it in isolated places away from heat and flame, as well as away from you. be safe, use common sense! :)
cool idea but you know someone is going to be stupid with it <br>
your rocker are completely unstable you could try to make springy wing stabilizer (wing that deploy then the rocket is out of the barrel) with wing stabilizer the center of gravity should be more in front so put some weight in front or better a small bomb but before puting a bomb make sure its stable.
Well when rockets are usually shot off there isn't more than a platform that it blasts on. Since this is less than half the weight why not just remove the entire end cap. Making like a bazooka tube. run 2 wires across the open end like cross hairs. This way you can keep the wires clean.<br><br>I want to try this but make a little &quot;pop&quot; at the end since it already blasts forward for what is suppose to be the parachute eject.
Here is a bit of good advice<br><br>1. i had this idea with PVC when in the 5th but i thought of using a fireworks rocket and PVC.<br>2. you could make this system breech-loading by shrinking the size of the rocket and putting it in a tube that fits into the launch tube. this would also prevent loose contacts and prevent the rocket from falling out.<br>3. regarding the build up that needs to be cleaned, you could make a ramrod style device for pushing the rocket in and later cleaning the tube.<br>4. you could put small flaps on the side of the rocket which are pressed flat to the body. when the rocket is fired the flaps will open with the wind and spin stabilize the rocket.<br>5. you could take a funnel, chop of the spout and fit to the front of the luancher, then it would prevent the singing.
You said that the end cap will need to be cleaned out often, so why make multiple end caps with leads and make the wire to the back lead a plug that can be removed? With that you could rotate through the caps while a buddy cleans out the recently use caps.<br><br>Another question:<br>Will this design be useful when the impending Zombie Apocalypse arrives? I want to be prepared when the time comes!
What if you used a 2&quot; PVC pipe and put completed rockets in it? Then they would fly straight.
Awesome instructable! Fins might stabilize it like others have mentioned, but it got me thinking a little bit. I wonder if you could twist a bunch of thin steel rods into a spiral around the rocket motor to force it to spin while traveling through the barrel, basically creating the inverse of a rifled barrel. The more weight that is added to the outer edges of the rocket, the greater the moment of inertia and the less likely it'll veer off course. Just a thought. I've never done that myself, but it's an idea if you're still looking for more solitions
Make the barrel longer and add screw like grooves so the rocket spins and stays straight from the gyroscope effect.&nbsp; or cut slits in the pipe and add fins onto the rocket.&nbsp; Cool Instructable...
agreed and maybe a blast shield&nbsp; past the hand grip and before the business end of the barrel<br />
yea...<br>add barrel shroud, <br>bayonet lug,<br>other &quot;CA evil features&quot;<br><br>and i see barrel is shorter than 16in <br>:-)
you mean machine the barrel
they legalized fireworks now
Only non-projectile fireworks, and in most cities, only on certain days.
nice, but you should make a blow-out tube to let the gasses escape. they are melting the hell out of that cap, i guarantee it. the gasses from those are EXTREMELY HOT, so use all caution. also, i just wouldnt do this on principal. occasionally engines like those fail when launched in this way, and can explode like an M80 firework. Explosion+metal pipe in your hand=all kinds of bad stuff. great design and workmanship, though.
I made something like this in high school but was never brave enough to test it, despite all the friends volunteering!
try shorter wires<br /> I also think cleaning it between shots would create a tactical problem<br /> especially if trying to use some thing similar in paintball or something<br />
Lightly tilted fins would make the rockets spin in flight, which should make it more stable.&nbsp; Experiment around a little.<br />
slow andd how you made the battery a &quot;clip&quot;<br /> your camraman(women) was kinda slow<br /> and to fix the build-up in the back try using an open end cap with only a small lip
<p>Now <strong>this</strong> is a cool instructable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

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