Picture of Handheld Van De Graph Genarator
Build Your easy to make Van de graph generator thats portable!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Stuff from think geek ( and your fridge):
Soda can
Fun Fly Stick http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/science/af4c/
Alligator clip
Xenon tube (optional i used this to make sparks)

Step 2: The Can

Picture of The Can
Use a can opener to top the top section of the can off.
Pour the soda into a glass (enjoy it)
Clean the can out

Step 3: The stick

Picture of The stick
Take the cardboard part of the stick off by pulling it firmly from the bottom part.
Attack one end of the clip to the copper tab at the top
Attack the other to the rim of the can
Put the stick through the can, now you have a portable van de graph generator.

Step 4: Information

Picture of Information
This gives off about 500 - 1000 volts

In order to use this device use this device press the button with your right hand, and use your left hand as a grounding contact Or vice versa

This device is pretty safe do to the low current, but i cannot be held responsible for any harm done to you or anyone around you, Always use common sense.

Step 5: Fun

Picture of Fun
A fun trick If you have a .5" - 1" xexon flash tube you can make small (or large) sparks appear in it

Small Sparks. hold the tube using 1 contact put the other on the can and watch the sparks appear.

Large Sparks: Hold Tube by one contact and put it parrel to the can so the glass tube run along side the can, this works because you have more surface area which ='s more current which ='s bigger sparks.