In this instuctable I'll show you how to make a powerful handheld laser. Almost all parts are easy to find online. There are only one part that must be produced by a lathe, everything else can be made with ease.

Warning: These lasers are powerful enough to burn your skin. In other words, they are powerful enough to take out an eye instantly. Always use protective goggles.

Step 1: Acquire parts

We need a shell for the laser with a lot of power. I've seen flashlights been used around the net. The one I uses here I bought from dealextreme in china. The laser diode can be found on e-bay, here I made two pointers. One with a 445nm blue and one 405nm ultra violet. As the driver I intend to use can handle a wide variety of diodes you can choose the one you like. The laser diode needs to be mounted and have a lens. The easy way is to just buy a mount with lens.

Aurora C6 Cree
Micro boost drive
Laser mount and lens

<p>I made it!!!</p>
Do we HAVE to get the goggles?
<p>Do you want to go blind? If yes, then you don't need them at all. If not, then go get them.</p>
<p>I spent 59.99 &euro; bought a 300mw laser pointer flashlight style in www.laserde.com, and very similar to this one.</p>
Hey cool - I have one very similar - running 445nm at 2W - using the same Cree host <br> <br>@halolink109 YES, always have goggles! <br>It's very basic, but I made a webpage for determining safe distances. Keep in mind, reflections are just as bad <br>http://www.tryptrecords.com/safety.html
Nice, I have a very similar laser pointer too. It said it was made by UltraFire but it really was a Chinese or Japanese company faking that so they will get people to buy their stuff. Got it at http://www.laserpointerpro.com/ for under $30.00!!! Retail would have been $150.00 and it's brand new. (Didn't com with a charger, got one at amazon for like 7 or 8 bucks and it came with an extra battery.I used bing points to buy it :P). <br> <br>Tech Spechs: <br>150mw <br>532nm <br>1mm beam (my calculations, maybe 2) <br>It has a nice tactical look to it (like yours)
Thanks Groover! <br><br>Disregard &quot;Electroinnovation&quot; chastising you for your spelling efforts as English is obviously not your first language. Maybe Electroinnovation would like to translate this project to Swedish for us and we can critique his spelling efforts.<br><br>Again, thanks much Groover - I completely enjoyed your &quot;instructable&quot;
I concur with Bobby... Also, &quot;spell-check&quot; recognizes &quot;Handhold&quot; as being spelled correctly. LoL! Good job Groover!!
the same modle cree but with a lower power flashlight is available for $10 dolars on dx just type in Aurora C6 Cree to the search bar and it looks like you've been posting pictures :)
How great you are!
Cool, but it would be even cooler if you made your own driver
Under parts you should also put protective eye wear, I don't want anyone thinking they can use one of these without eye wear.
....you may want to try spellcheck on your title. Not to be rude, but a title gives a first impression and to me it says that this is very rushed and theres not a lot of effort into it. Just some helpful advice :) lol
Yes, thank you. I will look it over.

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