Handicap Knife Holder


Introduction: Handicap Knife Holder

Customer Dave has his right arm in a permanent sling. He has a rocker knife that he uses to cut his food and needs a holder for it to wear on his belt. Here's how I made one!

Step 1: The Knife

Here's the knife that I'll be making the case for.

It is sharp so I want to use a rigid leather.

Step 2: Cut Out Shape and Make Folds

I cut out a rectangle with one rounded edge.

I then put the knife in and creased the leather to allow the knife to fit in nicely.

I made the creases by folding and then ironing with lots of steam.

Step 3: Belt Openings

I chalked out some lines according to a 1.5" belt. I drew them outside of the top and bottom edges by about 1/8" each, for ease.

I then divided vertically by thirds and drew two lines for the slots of the belt to go through.

I carefully sliced them, using a seam ripper. The finished slot sizes were each 1 3/4" long.

Step 4: Stitch

I then stitched around the slots for reinforcement, and along the entire edge of case.

Step 5: Closure

(He didn't want a snap, said velcro would be easier for him.)

Add velcro, making sure that the placement allows the case to be closed when the knife is in.

Then stitch the sides down, reinforcing the top by rounding the corners by a couple of stitch lengths.

Step 6: Ready to Wear!

Slip through belt to check for ease and comfort.

Bring on la comida!



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    It is a version of an Ulu; a native Alaskan knife. They are great...especially for people with arthritic hands. They also are great for working and dicing herbs and meats finely.

    I've never seen a knife shaped like this before. What kind of knife is it?

    1 reply

    I don't know where he got it, but it is similar to a rocker knife. I guess it is good if you only have use of one hand to cut and eat your food.