Handle Scales From Scrap





Introduction: Handle Scales From Scrap

In this short instructable I am aiming to show you, or at least give you an idea, how to use even the last bit of your scrap wood.

Wheter you are tight on budget, or are just trying to get everything out of the pieces you have, this might be of interest for you.

Step 1: Working With What You Have.

I wanted to use the rest of this thermoash plank, I had lying around for a nice knife handle.

As you can see it has a really interesting pattern on the head side of the piece, which I wanted to highlight. However it was neither long nor wide enough to use it as a single piece.

Step 2: Making the Scales

Therefore I cut it to similar pieces, and glued them together, using some 2 component epoxy.

I clamped it all together and had it sit for 24 hours.

The next day I continued, by cuting it to pieces of the desired length and width.

Step 3: Final Product

Of course this is not the ideal, or usual way to make a neat knife handle. Nevertheless it is a possible way of creating cheap, economical and not too shabby looking products.

Hope you liked my little post and it might help you sometime.



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    That's gorgeous! I've seen that kinda 'crisis-cross ribbon' pattern before in woodwork, but I never knew how it was done. This is a great way to use small pieces that look great but aren't big enough on their own. The end grain looks awesome, I think your finished handle is more artistic and interesting looking than just a solid piece of wood. Thanks for the inspiration, I will surely use this technique for future projects

    great idea, i might use it for a few files & rasps i got at garage sales

    Great handle! The grain looks really cool. Thanks for sharing

    the pattern you made is really cool. nicely done.